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#12840 Add an option to snap also in other visible layers new team enhancement normal
#8407 Add checkbox to 'merge selected' dialog box to remove merged objects from source layer new team enhancement normal
#20023 Add childcare (rendering) new team enhancement normal
#7890 Add columns for the opening hours on public holidays (PH) and school holidays (SH) new boman enhancement normal
#17013 Add dots when full wikidata tag can't be displayed new floscher enhancement minor
#13373 Adding a node with two selected ways may result in unintended node move new team defect normal
#17324 Adding bridge preset to highways not working new team defect normal
#20292 add-on ST with trouble new team defect normal
#9857 Address Preset doesn't keep the entry from before new team defect normal
#17957 Address suggestion include name tags new team defect minor
#4637 Add "Retry now" button to "Starting retry in X seconds" dialog new team enhancement minor
#2694 add snapping Distance in GUI-Preferences new team enhancement normal
#18898 Add Tag: clicking on key/value combination just added in the action does not fill key text field new team defect normal
#18352 add tag dialog: prevent window size to be bigger than screen new team enhancement minor
#9900 Add "Windows>Tags...>Paste Tags" new team enhancement normal
#794 Adjacent areas new team enhancement minor
#15112 After JOSM starts and loads an osm layer, when I open the Search window, click on the drop down list of last search strings and select the first one (the newest) it doesn't appear in the search box. new team defect normal
#7651 Alignment granularity for 30 and 45 degree angles new team enhancement normal
#10169 Align nodes in line by selecting a way (with 3 or more nodes) instead of selecting nodes new team enhancement normal
#16999 Allow .class on left side of parent/child selectors new team enhancement minor
#11063 allow editing object's role in a relation directly on the object new team enhancement normal
#13965 Allow keyboard shortcuts for WIkipedia functions new simon04 enhancement normal
#7275 Allow restart plugin to restart via the CL new team enhancement normal
#3746 Allow reverting objects to previous state in history dialog new team enhancement normal
#14720 Allow splitting multiple ways simultaneously new team enhancement normal
#3512 Allow undeleting ways new team enhancement normal
#5405 Allow Zoom to marker for audio markers (and other marker types?) new team enhancement normal
#17193 Always open the Warning Box Dialog when the Del Key is pressed from the Layers Panel to avoid Silent erase of files new team enhancement normal
#11757 "APP1 Segment is too long" when using "write coordinates to image headers" assigned Bjoeni defect normal
#3757 audio play head jumps to start of the track new team defect minor
#19435 Authentication failed dialog window remains hidden under the OAuth window needinfo jBeata defect normal
#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new team defect major
#7011 automatically select newly created relations in the properties dialogue new team enhancement normal
#3495 Automatic way combining new team enhancement normal
#5325 Auto-Save when uploading, after each successful block of data. new team enhancement major
#3496 Background checking mode for validator new team enhancement normal
#11870 Better prevention of overlapping ways when appending a node to a way new team enhancement normal
#17898 better protection of relation member order new team enhancement normal
#3117 Blank frames shown in photo layer while photo previews are loading new team enhancement minor
#8713 Both menu items in PicLayer menu are disabled (greyed out) new rebsc defect normal
#14213 building_tools configuration issues new Upliner defect normal
#7328 building_tools -> core? reopened team enhancement normal
#20526 building=yes results in JOSM to add Man Made/Man Made/Building and Man Made/Man Made/Residential Building new team defect normal
#5151 button for DST in photo referencing new team enhancement minor
#17129 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with :selected pseudoclass new team defect minor
#17878 Cannot download full old version of an OSM object new team defect normal
#18804 Cannot open .JSON file new team defect normal
#19933 Cannot typing Chinese and Korean character normally in MacOS new team defect normal
#11454 Cannot upload gpx track with DirectUpload plugin (JOSM behind HTTP proxy with authentication) new team defect normal
#14456 Can't add correct ext_tool shortcuts to main Toolbar new Upliner defect normal
#2212 can't edit over 180th meridian new team defect normal
#8456 can't run validator while downloading traces in background new team defect normal
#16171 Case sensitive regexp key=value searches aren't case sensitive new team defect normal
#19640 CCE: Way cannot be cast to Node at SortPTRouteMembersAction.sortPTRouteMembers new Biswesh defect normal
#17394 change lat/lon of Node using remote control new team task normal
#11377 Change redo shortcut for dialogs new team defect normal
#18463 changeset download: only download modified members of relations new team enhancement normal
#20164 Changset manager: Discussion tab: Problem with scrolling new team defect normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new team enhancement normal
#14532 check for invalid "layer" tagging on tunnel=* and bridge=* new team enhancement normal
#17533 Check waterway flow direction reopened team enhancement normal
#19780 Close Open Changeset picks up wrong changeset new team defect normal
#4144 Cognitive load increases with the new upload dialog new team enhancement normal
#18648 combine objects: tag conflict: no warning for equal values which should be summed up new team defect normal
#8968 Combining ways: Roles not adjusted when changing direction new team defect major
#20406 Command Line Help: Update and additions new team defect trivial
#19631 Compilation fails when javac is 8 and java is 11 new team defect normal
#13651 conditional tag: False warning with complex opening_hours values in combination with AND new team defect normal
#5710 Confirmation question undo to wrong place (more than 20 object) new team defect normal
#17261 Conflation Error with LineString new Tyndare defect normal
#4368 conflict-list sorting new team enhancement normal
#8085 conflict management and deleted nodes and ways new team enhancement major
#4689 conflict management: Remember width of columns in member window new team enhancement normal
#14196 Conflict manager allows to create inconsistent ways with zero or only one node new team defect major
#17851 conflict manager: automatically add child objects which are in common new team enhancement normal
#4494 conflict manager: do not block josm totally new team enhancement minor
#4748 conflict manager: member dialog: possibility to apply role to all selected members new team enhancement normal
#4507 conflict manager: option to switch freeze after all members on/off. new team enhancement normal
#4746 conflict manager: please highlight deleted members and conflict in roles separately new team enhancement normal
#4615 conflict manager: tags: provide buttons use all my/their tags new team enhancement normal
#5115 Connection failed / text in dialogue box new team defect trivial
#7669 consecutive rotates behave unexpectedly new team defect normal
#19594 converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned GerdP defect normal
#8432 Create closed way new team enhancement minor
#20139 ctrl+c not working on objects new jBeata defect normal
#14139 Customize track drawing, gpx, where did I stop, speed color scheme. new team enhancement normal
#7317 Cycle list is different for middle-click and Alt+click reopened team defect normal
#16563 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced new team defect normal
#19083 DataIntegrityProblemException: Nodes in way must be in the same dataset new team defect normal
#14669 default map paint style does not recognize highway areas other than pedestrian new team defect normal
#18825 Default shortcut conflict new team defect minor
#8418 default tag sets new team enhancement normal
#7869 delete while edit tag dialog opens results in unhandled exception new team defect normal
#9726 Deleting a data layer doesn't close dialog window after upload (have to kill the JOSM thread) new team defect normal
#8882 different color for 'from' and 'to' new team enhancement normal
#18526 Different order of items: windows menu <-> lower left vertical toolbar new team defect normal
#3198 Disable keyboard shortcuts while a move or area selection is in progress new team enhancement major
#13621 Disconnect node from way: incorrect message and option to disconnect from more than one way at once new team defect minor
#14730 Display a notice to the user if functionality (imagery layer display) is reduced in case of low memory allocation new team enhancement trivial
#2335 displayed modifiers in selection mode (defect and enhancement) new team enhancement minor
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