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#6141 extend confict message on upload and provide a button to update. (WAS: warn before upload old/outdated data) new team critical Core
#571 node placement tools new team major Core
#724 Josm Extrude for multiple elements new team major Core
#1729 SRTM/ASTER layers new OliverW major Plugin elevationprofile
#2318 snap to ways / nodes while in select/move mode new team major Core
#2319 snap to markers new team major Core
#2710 [WIP Patch] The preferences should have multiple server profiles new team major Core
#2891 (unfinished PATCH) new mapmode for circles new Landwirt major Core
#3198 Disable keyboard shortcuts while a move or area selection is in progress new team major Core shortcuts
#3283 Improve audio markers new team major Core audio
#3841 Validator: show meaningful tooltips new team major Core validator
#4509 In addition to "conflicts", detect and resolve "potential map anomalies" new team major Core
#4798 relation editor: highlight "doubled" members with different roles differently than "doubled" members with the same role new team major Core
#5038 Proposal for editing object attributes in spreadsheet mode new team major Core
#5325 Auto-Save when uploading, after each successful block of data. new team major Core
#6997 zoom controls for the slippy map new team major Core
#7807 State based drawing new team major Core
#8085 conflict management and deleted nodes and ways new team major Core
#8820 Tabular edit of name tags new team major Plugin tageditor
#8835 Button to send download to background new team major Core
#9353 Sync JOSM between multiple computers new team major Core
#9908 [WIP patch] Filter downloaded notes reopened ToeBee major Core notes
#12302 Visually differentiate deprecated tags new team major Internal mappaint style
#12726 Include command stack actions in saved sessions new team major Core
#12872 Allow hierarchical layers new team major Core
#13984 Add: spatial resolution, date new team major Core imagery
#14210 JOSM does not give a message to the user when running out of memory new team major Core
#14404 Support similar/alternative words when searching for a preset new team major Core
#14426 "what changed but not yet saved" view reopened team major Core
#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly reopened team major Core imagery
#15182 Standalone JOSM validator new team major Longterm Core validator
#15229 modular structure for JOSM core new team major Longterm Core
#16258 GDPR related API changes new team major Core
#16472 Add support to 360 / spherical image assigned Don-vip major Core image mapping
#16860 Resolve all dependencies and tools using Apache Ivy reopened team major Longterm Core
#17341 Better ways to already translated Help content new team major unspecified
#17842 Integration with OSM wiki data items new team major Longterm Core
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 17 migration assigned Don-vip major Longterm Core
#18295 [Patch] Splitting large multipolygons reopened Don-vip major Plugin utilsplugin2
#18434 Edit geotagged images localization with the same tools as the nodes new team major Core image mapping
#19101 [security] provide checksum url for downloads new team major Core
#20643 Relation editor: Disable full sort and sort everything below for relations with incomplete members. new team major Core
#20898 [WIP patch] Warn when nodes are 'merged' on geojson import needinfo ljdelight major Core geojson
#21533 Native Apple Silicon Support new team major 24.02 Core
#21 Bookmarks new team normal Core
#1708 JOSM should not make me wait for up/downloading data but do it in background new team normal Core
#1981 rotate map view new team normal Core
#2041 Audio syncronization by time new team normal Core audio
#2372 Add GeoTIFF support assigned Don-vip normal Longterm Core
#2694 add snapping Distance in GUI-Preferences new team normal Core
#3034 open relation editor by click on turn-restriction symbol new team normal Core
#3118 Indicate what background processes JOSM is running new team normal Core
#3417 GPX parsing error messages shown in the console aren't shown in the UI new team normal Core
#3495 Automatic way combining new team normal Core validator
#3496 Background checking mode for validator new team normal Core validator
#3560 Tool bar buttons: add small arrow indicating submenu new team normal Core
#3607 working with download bounding boxes new team normal Core
#3638 routes criteria new vidalfree@… normal Plugin routing
#3743 wish: sign for snap crossing new team normal Core
#3746 Allow reverting objects to previous state in history dialog new team normal Core
#3865 Support GarminDataBase format new team normal Plugin dataimport
#4112 Relation editor: Allow selecting objects in the relation editor selection list to apply operations to new team normal Core
#4145 [PATCH][RFC] Show upload progress when uploading osmChange new team normal Core
#4168 Geoimage: remember synchronization offset value for different cameras new team normal Core image mapping
#4169 Geoimage: remember synchronization offset for each set of photos new team normal Core image mapping
#4172 geoimage: preload images new team normal Core image mapping
#4215 Changeset object counter new team normal Core
#4299 Group related objects when in chunked mode new team normal Core
#4350 PicLayer: Import of raster images (*.map, *.kal, *.geotiff) and calibration information (.wld, .tfw) new rebsc normal Plugin piclayer
#4368 conflict-list sorting new team normal Core
#4395 Audiomapping new team normal Core audio
#4399 tree-view for relation-list new team normal Core
#4507 conflict manager: option to switch freeze after all members on/off. new team normal Core
#4518 Update data: option to treat objects potentially deleted on the server as conflicts new team normal Core
#4596 Relations are not always easily distinguishable new team normal Core
#4615 conflict manager: tags: provide buttons use all my/their tags new team normal Core
#4626 parallelize validator checks new team normal Core validator
#4654 warning when deleting an object with remaining conflict new team normal Core
#4689 conflict management: Remember width of columns in member window new team normal Core
#4738 no_left_turn turn restrictions are displayed in 2 different ways. new team normal Core
#4746 conflict manager: please highlight deleted members and conflict in roles separately new team normal Core
#4748 conflict manager: member dialog: possibility to apply role to all selected members new team normal Core
#4819 Increase "out of memory threshold" new team normal Core
#4868 Wish: Surveyor-Plugin - autom. offset left or right new team normal Plugin surveyor
#4949 PicLayer calibration - ozi .map file support new rebsc normal Plugin piclayer
#5033 Add preferences dialog to reset "Do not show me again" messages new team normal Core
#5034 When automatic request answer are used, warn user new team normal Core
#5060 Add nodes by heading/distance. new team normal Core
#5079 Orthoganalize nodes that are not connected by ways new team normal Core
#5088 Trouble to synchronize several small audio files new team normal Core audio
#5097 [α Patch] possibility to repeat the last action (macro recording) new team normal Core
#5203 Key to jump to next error new team normal Core validator
#5205 Support Undo in relation editor new team normal Core
#5233 Reload file from disk new team normal Core
#5315 Also show note=* for nodes/ways, not only for relations; DEFAULT_NAMING_TAGS_FOR_RELATIONS for nodes/ways new team normal Core
#5405 Allow Zoom to marker for audio markers (and other marker types?) new team normal Core audio
#5421 Please make SimplifyArea plugin to be part of the JOSM core new team normal Core
#5439 Implement ability to hide selected object new team normal Core
#5493 Visualize implicit turn restrictions new team normal Core
#5515 Single Key Shortcuts for activating and showing/hiding layers reopened jttt normal Core shortcuts
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