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#21348 Kendzi3d plugin does not work under Java 11+ new java11+ kendzi blocker
#17480 "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid scanline stride" in PicLayer when loading a large image new exception javabug rebsc major
#8335 FixAddresses: IAE "Comparison method violates its general contract!" (java 7) new java7 OliverW normal
#12595 Problem with keyboard layout 'RU' new template_report layout russian linux ubuntu java8 team normal
#14083 Horizontal scrolling with mouse doesn't work new template_report javabug mouse scroll wheel horizontal team normal
#15609 Accessing tiles from the download dialog behind a proxy new template_report javabug proxy ntlm team normal
#15925 AIOOBE in Java2D rendering code (wireframe/AA mode with large dataset) new template_report javabug team normal
#16076 Second dialog window underneath the first window on macOS reopened template_report macos javabug team normal
#16782 JVM crash - kendzi.jogl.model.render.ModelRender.setupTextures new template_report javabug kendzi normal
#17045 ClassNotFoundException: javafx.embed.swing.JFXPanel new template_report javafx java10 linux vodryc normal
#17325 MicrosoftStreetside plugin fails to find JavaFX toolkit on Ubuntu/Java 10 new template_report javafx java10 vodryc normal
#17673 OpenStreetCam: ClassNotFoundException: java.sql.Time new template_report java11 jBeata normal
#17865 macos: "Centre view" not indicating the status new macos javabug team normal
#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class assigned template_report, javafx, mapillary, openwebstart, java11 Don-vip normal
#19305 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: cannot open shared object file new template_report linux java11 Don-vip normal
#19341 plugin scripting fails new template_report webstart java9 Gubaer normal
#19908 HelpBrowser: Illegal reflective access … o field javax.swing.text.html.ImageView.image new template_report java9 reflection team normal
#20650 UnsupportedOperationException: "FreeBSD is not supported" at ThreeSixtyDegreeViewerPanel.<clinit> new template_report freebsd javafx vodryc normal
#21486 Upon command to delete a geotagged image from disk, the corresponding marker sometimes is not removed from the map view reopened template_report, regression, javabug bartosomail@… normal
#22543 Add compatibility with Java 20 new java20 team normal
#22672 IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract needinfo template_report javabug anonymous normal
#18921 Minimum height of dialog field to avoid endless flickering new template_report java8 windows team trivial
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