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#8335 FixAddresses: IAE "Comparison method violates its general contract!" (java 7) new java7 OliverW normal
#9264 Dynamic side buttons seem broken on Mac OSX with Java 7 reopened toolbar, java7, macosx team normal
#12595 Problem with keyboard layout 'RU' new template_report layout russian linux ubuntu java8 team normal
#14083 Horizontal scrolling with mouse doesn't work needinfo template_report javabug mouse scroll wheel horizontal Klumbumbus normal
#14337 OSX: zooms in and out when right click to pan new template_report macosx zoom pan javabug sierra team normal
#15447 Nashorn fails on Debian when running from Web Start (icedtea-netx) new template_report linux debian webstart icedtea netx nashorn javascript javabug team normal
#15490 NoClassDefFoundError when try run script new java9 Gubaer normal
#15609 Accessing tiles from the download dialog behind a proxy needinfo template_report javabug proxy bxl-forever normal
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