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#20655 Command line option "update plugins" new team enhancement normal
#20686 Cancel of MultiFetchServerObjectReader does not work new team defect normal
#20688 Tagging Presets Preferences: Own tab for preferences settings (check boxes) new team enhancement normal
#20689 Validator Preferences: Own tab for settings new team enhancement normal
#20700 AE: Primitive was removed when purging, but is still there on undo new team defect normal
#20742 No warning about barrier with inproper access tags on highway new team enhancement normal
#20748 Change icons to vector graphics new team enhancement normal
#20752 Reorder imagery layers: Three shortcuts in preferences but non is working new team defect normal
#20755 Save Session: User notification about successful save new team enhancement normal
#20775 Change Value: Misleading, incorrect warning about changes in value when changing the key only new team defect normal
#9908 Filter downloaded notes reopened ToeBee enhancement major
#11218 Cancel on upload + window size new ToeBee defect normal
#18562 command stack toggle dialog: conflation delete icon not properly scaled new Tyndare defect minor
#19811 IAE: Parameter 'data' must not be null executing a conflation with locked layer as active one new Tyndare defect normal
#7468 Do not delete address nodes but use them as corner node new Upliner defect normal
#8493 "background" option just leads to another dialog in foreground new Upliner defect normal
#8660 False positive conflict detection with reverter plugin reopened Upliner defect normal
#13981 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target of type node" reverting a changeset with deleted objects new Upliner defect critical
#20025 Changeset tag `created_by` added to all uploads without informing the user new Upliner defect normal
#6172 Terracer: Does not check for existing associatedStreet relation and silently deletes members reopened zerebubuth@… defect normal
#6173 Terracer: does not keep the orientation of housenumbers new zerebubuth@… defect normal
#6178 terracer: deletes addr node without copying any data new zerebubuth@… defect normal
#6191 Terracer: does not add housenumbers if highest housenumber is given new zerebubuth@… defect normal
#6312 terracer: alphabetical interpolation new zerebubuth@… enhancement normal
#6855 Reverse terracer broken, give number tag to unselected buildings new zerebubuth@… defect critical
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