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#20102 Add area:highway new team enhancement normal
#20432 Additional panel context menu item: Download complete relation reopened GerdP enhancement normal 21.03
#19615 add mofa/moped=use_sidepath to access preset new team enhancement normal
#18651 add more context-sensitive help to code new team enhancement normal Longterm
#9904 Add node: Linux middle mouse button paste not supported new team defect normal
#18942 add railway=stop new team enhancement normal
#19573 add some more barrier values new team enhancement normal
#18898 Add Tag: clicking on key/value combination just added in the action does not fill key text field new team defect normal
#18352 add tag dialog: prevent window size to be bigger than screen new team enhancement minor
#19756 Advanced preference for plugin and image paths new team enhancement normal
#19790 Angle and distance overlay not displayed anymore new kolesar defect major
#18850 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after undoing adding additional node new kolesar defect normal
#11316 auto completion: last entered tags not remembered after restart. new team defect normal
#8493 "background" option just leads to another dialog in foreground new Upliner defect normal
#19504 Better documentation of mapcss validator rules syntax new team enhancement normal
#17898 better protection of relation member order new team enhancement normal
#8835 Button to send download to background new team enhancement major
#11218 Cancel on upload + window size new ToeBee defect normal
#17878 Cannot download full old version of an OSM object new team defect normal
#19466 Change role dialog: Combo instead of text input and better title new team enhancement normal
#18463 changeset download: only download modified members of relations new team enhancement normal
#20025 Changeset tag `created_by` added to all uploads without informing the user new Upliner defect normal
#20164 Changset manager: Discussion tab: Problem with scrolling new team defect normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new team enhancement normal
#9895 checking correct use of noexit new team enhancement normal
#20189 Circle arc: New nodes only added after last middle node with several parents new team defect normal
#19985 Circle arc: Nodes with multiple parents should still be distributed if they appear in same/reverse order in the ways' node lists new team defect normal
#8345 Coloured_Postcode: support associatedStreet and Street relation new geozeisig enhancement normal
#18648 combine objects: tag conflict: no warning for equal values which should be summed up new team defect normal
#18650 combine objects: tag conflict: support more keys with option to sum up values new team enhancement normal
#19394 Combine way: Instead of denying, offer help working outside downloaded area new team enhancement normal
#19498 Combine way: Never ofter "oneway=-1" new team enhancement normal
#8968 Combining ways: Roles not adjusted when changing direction new team defect major
#18562 command stack toggle dialog: conflation delete icon not properly scaled new Tyndare defect minor
#13651 conditional tag: False warning with complex opening_hours values in combination with AND new team defect normal
#7826 conflict dialogue bottom buttons half hidden new team defect normal
#4368 conflict-list sorting new team enhancement normal
#4689 conflict management: Remember width of columns in member window new team enhancement normal
#14196 Conflict manager allows to create inconsistent ways with zero or only one node new team defect major
#17851 conflict manager: automatically add child objects which are in common new team enhancement normal
#4494 conflict manager: do not block josm totally new team enhancement minor
#4748 conflict manager: member dialog: possibility to apply role to all selected members new team enhancement normal
#4507 conflict manager: option to switch freeze after all members on/off. new team enhancement normal
#4746 conflict manager: please highlight deleted members and conflict in roles separately new team enhancement normal
#4615 conflict manager: tags: provide buttons use all my/their tags new team enhancement normal
#13472 Detect areas mapped on top of highway=* areas new team enhancement normal
#19008 Differences in results outside downloaded area between no download area at all and small download area somewhere new team defect normal
#18526 Different order of items: windows menu <-> lower left vertical toolbar new team defect normal
#18564 Disabling filter only affects active layer new team defect normal
#13621 Disconnect node from way: incorrect message and option to disconnect from more than one way at once new team defect minor
#20081 Does not find unconnected, new waterways outside downloaded area new team defect normal
#7468 Do not delete address nodes but use them as corner node new Upliner defect normal
#18610 Do not show warning about modified incomplete multipolygon when only tags were added/modified new team enhancement normal
#10999 Download area status not preserved when moving node new team defect normal
#19308 Download as new layer not respected if new_layer=false is present new team defect normal
#19527 Download Dialog: Bounding Box: Add a string of coordinates to copy into buffer new team enhancement normal
#19528 Download Dialog: Bounding Box: Context menu partly hidden new team defect normal
#19529 Download Dialog: Tile numbers: Button offset new team defect trivial
#20416 Download (incomplete) members: Cancel does not work and timeouts while download relation with members works assigned GerdP defect normal 21.03
#7451 download incomplete members in background new team enhancement normal
#19333 Download (incomplete) members: No message about incomplete download after connection broke while downloading new team defect normal
#8946 Download Location: option to undelete when downloading older versions new team enhancement normal
#17867 Download object changed in changeset in background new team enhancement normal
#19001 download object reports downloading incomplete data reopened team defect normal
#20424 Duplicate relations not detected with incomplete members assigned GerdP defect normal 21.03
#17986 elevation layer always created new OliverW defect minor
#19647 Exclude all but ways with highway=* from test new team enhancement normal
#6141 extend confict message on upload and provide a button to update. (WAS: warn before upload old/outdated data) new team enhancement critical
#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new team defect normal
#10286 extruder: problem with shared nodes new team defect normal
#8660 False positive conflict detection with reverter plugin reopened Upliner defect normal
#20256 False positives of some validator rules caused by incomplete data new Biswesh defect normal
#7482 False warning about restart after preference changes (WAS: setting oauth) new team defect normal
#18892 Features missing in OpeningHoursParser compared to JS library new team enhancement normal
#19809 File > Save: Not available after changing the state to/from "discourage upload" new team defect normal
#9908 Filter notes reopened ToeBee enhancement major
#19534 Find gaps in incomplete route relations with some members downloaded new team enhancement normal
#19653 Find more conflicting keys in lanes-tagging new team enhancement normal
#17928 focus on images in image viewer new jpietri enhancement normal
#7966 georef images wrong displayed after switching to correct projection new rebsc defect normal
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog new Biswesh defect normal
#9934 Hide toggle dialog header context menu item dynamic side bar buttons when disabled through preferences new team enhancement normal
#18986 How to handle missing upper level pages new team enhancement normal
#19811 IAE: Parameter 'data' must not be null executing a conflation with locked layer as active one new Tyndare defect normal
#19585 IAE: Width and height must be >= 0 (Metal look-and-feel on Linux) new team defect critical
#18672 icon for amenity=social_facility new team enhancement normal
#20285 Icon for turn restriction with via way may hide other restriction icon new team defect normal
#20055 Ignore file for session new team enhancement normal
#8489 IllegalStateException deleting some nodes new team defect normal
#13981 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target of type node" reverting a changeset with deleted objects new Upliner defect critical
#5930 imagery once initialized does not use new network-settings new team defect normal
#8979 Impossible to set a custom page size new team enhancement normal
#4509 In addition to "conflicts", detect and resolve "potential map anomalies" new team enhancement major
#8821 Include ReplaceGeometry in core new team enhancement normal
#20375 Inconsistent use of space and placement with tooltips new team defect normal
#19413 incorrect route_ref warning new Biswesh defect normal
#20086 Indication of choosen preference category vanishes [patch] new simon04 enhancement normal
#8252 irregular black border around pictures new team defect normal
#19305 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: cannot open shared object file new Don-vip defect normal
#18675 Join Areas: Tags and Membership from uninvolved objects copied new team defect normal
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