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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6804 template_report should attach test osm file new team enhancement normal
#6870 Increase Readability of Available Presets new team enhancement normal
#6887 GitHub out of date reopened team defect normal
#7513 [Patch] Warn non-experts when combining ways with conflicting tags or ways being part of relations reopened team enhancement normal
#7548 [β Patch] Re-organize the preference dialog new team enhancement normal
#8269 [Patch WIP] Gradle support (was: Maven support) new team enhancement normal
#9476 [Patch draft] Annotations for remote control implementation new team enhancement normal
#10215 MapCSS: make class selectors work for parent/child selectors new team defect normal
#11367 Download notes when using remote control on with note layer enabled new team enhancement normal
#11368 Merge locally modified note comments when downloading notes new ToeBee enhancement normal
#11373 Sorting within stop/platform members of type=route relations new team enhancement normal
#12281 [Patch] Clean up massive code duplication from OSMRecPlugin plugin new nkaragiannakis enhancement normal
#12290 Allow to comfortably reset "Do not show again" choices new team enhancement normal
#12303 When downloading objects with Overpass API, use recurse up to fetch referrers new simon04 enhancement normal
#12586 Command line option for fresh/temporary preferences new team enhancement normal
#12597 Replace memberships of one object by another new simon04 enhancement normal
#12608 Add measurement plugin to core new team enhancement normal
#13121 Create/update Wikidata item using OSM data new simon04 enhancement normal
#13275 [Patch] Use parallel stream for StyledMapRenderer, MultipolygonBuilder? new team enhancement normal
#13788 Opening individual tracks from<Username>/traces/ via remote control new team enhancement normal
#13853 Simplify assigning a shortcut to an action without shortcut new team enhancement normal
#13952 JOSM unresponsive when zooming out completely new team defect normal
#14018 JOSM is very slow new team defect normal
#16867 Define list of official supported plugins assigned Don-vip task normal
#17173 [Patch] Detect preset wiki languages automatically reopened simon04 enhancement normal 19.01
#17178 Add missing help buttons assigned simon04 enhancement normal 19.01
#12266 Also JOSM core must demystify Wikidata tags new team enhancement minor
#15334 [Patch] Use BasicArrowButton in MapFrame new team enhancement minor
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