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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#17480 "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid scanline stride" in PicLayer when loading a large image new rebsc defect major
#5700 synchronise individual entities until upload succeeds new team enhancement normal
#8207 Detect captive portals new team enhancement normal
#8244 autocomplete nearby roads also in relation window new team enhancement normal
#8456 can't run validator while downloading traces in background new team defect normal
#11333 AssertionError: Node was removed when purging, but is still there on undo new team defect normal
#12214 do not load everything when going to a directory from "import images" new team defect normal
#12270 allow modifying note data that has not been uploaded yet new team enhancement normal
#15522 always save layers locally new team enhancement normal
#15962 support letter-prefixed numbers (address interpolation plugin) new team enhancement normal
#15963 remember "numbering scheme" choice new team enhancement normal
#15964 allow adding numbers without selecting a street new team enhancement normal
#16746 keyboard stops working new team defect normal
#17474 compare tags new team enhancement normal
#17849 macos: erratic extra window behaviour needinfo richlv defect normal
#17850 macos: add a way to shade [image] windows new team enhancement normal
#17865 macos: "Centre view" not indicating the status new team defect normal
#17868 misleading impression of saving when exiting new team enhancement normal
#19453 Unexpected exception: Listener Conflict (instance of org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.ConflictDialog) was already registered new team defect normal
#19978 New preset: dancing_school new team enhancement normal
#20278 Mapillary filter: documentation new taylor.smock task normal
#20333 Erratic geotagged image zooming on Mac new team defect normal
#20494 Add priority=forward / priority=backward in presets new team enhancement normal
#20808 PicLayer: memory issue with a transparent image new team defect normal
#21442 Do not remove recent file entries when they are not found new team enhancement normal
#21606 Changing username still shows the previous one in object history new team defect normal
#22099 Conflict resolution: allow to obtain more information new team enhancement normal
#22127 Mapillary plugin: extract sequence GPX new taylor.smock enhancement normal
#22305 Inconsistent tooltips in the edit toolbar new team defect normal
#22503 JOSM claims that TMS URL change requires restart needinfo richlv defect normal
#22534 "Download object" contents not populated most of the time new team defect normal
#22542 Empty error dialog new team defect normal
#22573 Excel-produced CSV file with doublequotes in fields not parsed as expected new Don-vip defect normal
#22869 LVM WMTS fails: "stream is closed" new team defect normal
#2520 ability to write commit message while working new team enhancement minor
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