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#16815 Add changeset comments to changesets with deleted nodes and specify how many of them stem from merges new team enhancement normal
#16820 Unglue: guess automatically the destination for tagged node new team enhancement normal
#16826 Double-click does not work as expected new team defect normal
#16828 Validator does not catch PT2 relations routing along highway=construction new Biswesh enhancement normal
#17649 Relation window is not a proper window new team defect normal
#18306 reltoolbox does not set outer when creating a boundary relation new Zverikk defect normal
#18579 Warn when adding a url with /commons.wikimedia/ to image= new team enhancement normal
#18616 Enhance reltoolbox with button + shortcut to find gaps new Zverikk enhancement normal
#18668 JOSM downloads to geojson layer new team defect normal
#17651 Relation editor: enable keyboard-shortcut for "Zoom to selection" new team enhancement minor
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