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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12872 Allow hierarchical layers new team enhancement major
#12804 Remove playHeadMarker static reference new michael2402 enhancement normal
#13030 Allow the creation of two map views new team enhancement normal
#13036 More validation for commands new team enhancement normal
#13099 Broken unit test: new team defect normal
#13386 [Patch draft] Make imagery support multiple map views new team enhancement normal
#13446 Preference cleanup new team enhancement normal
#13456 Structure/clean the main menu new team enhancement normal
#14006 Multipolygon: combinedPolygons not updated on node merge new team defect normal
#14804 Unify case handling for boolean tag values new team defect normal
#14853 Drop File->"Export to Gpx" new team enhancement normal
#15696 DMSCoordinateFormat using ',' instead of '.' in German new team defect normal
#16347 Nexus Server: SNAPSHOT is not a good version for plugins new team defect normal
#16388 RelationEditor#registerRelationEditor not used? new team defect normal
#14996 Draw tool helper line starting at wrong node new team defect minor
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