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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#724 Josm Extrude for multiple elements new team enhancement major
#2318 snap to ways / nodes while in select/move mode new team enhancement major
#2319 snap to markers new team enhancement major
#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new team defect major
#8085 conflict management and deleted nodes and ways new team enhancement major
#2694 add snapping Distance in GUI-Preferences new team enhancement normal
#3034 open relation editor by click on turn-restriction symbol new team enhancement normal
#5205 Support Undo in relation editor new team enhancement normal
#5214 duplicate nodes after failed upload new team defect normal
#5381 mouse cursor not always what it should be reopened dieterdreist defect normal
#5466 purge doesn't delete the info about downloaded areas new team defect normal
#6146 Hatch entire data layers without download bounds new team enhancement normal
#6295 no data to upload on upload, but warning on exit (to upload data) new team defect normal
#6980 no horizonzal scrollbars in conflict resolution new team defect normal
#7011 automatically select newly created relations in the properties dialogue new team enhancement normal
#7012 Handle relation membership in "create multipolygon" new team enhancement normal
#7628 confirmation on way combine for relation turn_restriction new team defect normal
#7869 delete while edit tag dialog opens results in unhandled exception new team defect normal
#12840 Add an option to snap also in other visible layers new team enhancement normal
#12921 tag autocompletion has a weakness for trailing numbers new team defect normal
#13604 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) reopened team defect normal
#14669 default map paint style does not recognize highway areas other than pedestrian new team defect normal
#14670 feature request: do not overwrite positions of already geotagged photos if time delta is bigger than x new team enhancement normal
#15366 override standard rules with custom validator rules to remove some tests new team enhancement normal
#15639 JOSM not respecting layers in display new team defect normal
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor new team defect normal
#16736 screen and slippy map downloading not in sync when below or above 85 degr latitude new team defect normal
#19594 [Patch] converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned GerdP defect normal
#20816 option for selecting connected ways new team enhancement normal
#2335 displayed modifiers in selection mode (defect and enhancement) new team enhancement minor
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