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#20534 Split the setting 'Auto add tag' for lines and polygons. new akks enhancement normal
#21098 Strange behavior of the gpx track loader when the connection is broken new team defect normal
#21146 ClassNotFoundException: org.openstreetmap.josm.Main after adding RGB Filter new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#21262 The imagery toolbar buttons periodically disappear new team defect normal
#21342 Viewing the article on wikipedia does not work new team defect normal
#21485 [PATCH] Continuos Download clogs the request queue and opens too many error windows new team defect normal
#21881 [WIP patch] Add a check for loops in directional waterways new team enhancement normal
#22012 Ability to jump to the first and last point of the line new team enhancement normal
#22108 The work hours editor cannot edit some some values new boman defect normal
#22259 Opening a geo: URI schema in JOSM does nothing new team defect normal
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