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#6140 Preserve address node in newly created building(s) new zerebubuth@… enhancement normal
#11000 JOSM Remote control Import, couldn't it also take a hint for the new layer's name? new team enhancement normal
#11080 Make the RoadSigns plugin smarter new bastiK enhancement normal
#11081 Base signs and additional signs new bastiK enhancement normal
#11082 roadsigns and turn restriction relation new bastiK enhancement normal
#11084 combo box in roadsigns? new bastiK enhancement normal
#11273 tag2link links as directly clickable links new Don-vip enhancement normal
#11558 Add ways user selected and perform 'Zoom to Gap' in one go new team enhancement normal
#11801 IllegalArgumentException during upload of 296 pictures new floscher defect normal
#12284 Can the button that adds Wikipedia tag, add the wikidata tag as well? new simon04 enhancement normal
#12379 make adding new items for tag2link more straightforward new Don-vip enhancement normal
#12721 Add a button to the todo list plugin to remove objects that don't exist anymore new Gnonthgol enhancement normal
#13088 Validator select problem primitive when pressing edit new team enhancement normal
#14711 when sorting members of a route, look at oneway tag of ways or direction of roundabout new team defect normal
#15038 compare route_ref tag to the list of actually served lines/route relations new darya enhancement normal
#15078 Problem in the route segment with one automatic fix new darya defect normal
#15098 roundabout splitter uses landuse ways assigned giackserva defect normal
#15114 jump from stop to correspondig way and vice versa assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#15219 remote control with an Overpass query new team enhancement normal
#15324 Button to sort stops in PT route relation new team enhancement normal
#15371 Relation editor, deactivate/disable modifying actions when relation was changed in main editor new team enhancement normal
#15597 Wikidata Toolkit new simon04 enhancement normal
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