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#14072 eula not displayed when adding imagery from Imagery menu new team defect major
#15240 transform gui icons to svg new team enhancement major Longterm
#10106 mapcss: grouping doesn't work correctly new team defect normal
#10369 mapcss display area text on top of its outline new team enhancement normal
#10377 text halo is not smooth new team defect normal
#10435 Improvements to user-settings for mapcss mappaint styles new team enhancement normal
#10943 remember last entered comment in add comment to note new ToeBee enhancement normal
#11153 improve readability of validator warnings new team enhancement normal
#11994 left and right casing rendering not synchronous new team defect normal
#12251 Localized names of mappaint styles are not updated when changing the language new team defect normal
#12261 make JOSM more friendly for new users new team enhancement normal
#12468 enhance display of boundaries in relation list dialog new team enhancement normal
#12575 add icons for craft presets new team enhancement normal Longterm
#12592 add memorial=stolpersteine new team enhancement normal
#12716 <preset_link>: prefer target in current source, then search in defaultpresets, then search in other external presets new team defect normal
#14083 Horizontal scrolling with mouse doesn't work new team defect normal
#14087 automatically switch to a mirror source if tile loading fails or takes very long new team enhancement normal
#14142 Rename "Toggle Dialogs" (sometimes "Windows") to "Panel" new team enhancement normal
#14644 Faster access to bookmarks / home location new team enhancement normal
#14826 Allow independent area style for outer ways of multipolygons new team enhancement normal
#15010 osm permissions for Argentina Imagery sources reopened zalitoar task normal
#15185 Bus stop platform node and Tram stop platform node in One Click preset assigned Polyglot task normal
#16023 IllegalStateException at mapillary panel buttons after layer was removed new jpietri defect normal
#16093 handling of (lifecycle) prefixes new team enhancement normal
#16280 autofix for almost square check for buildings is suboptimal new marxin defect normal
#16315 add indoor=* to internal preset new team enhancement normal
#16985 Wrongly scaled icon in wikipedia plugin new floscher defect normal
#17200 Don't scroll right when a tag value is selected new team defect normal
#17288 Notes progress bar shows no progress new team defect normal
#17954 highlighting of virtual nodes is not working correctly new team defect normal
#18202 warn about highways wrongly connected to "crossing but not connected" highways (tunnels, bridges) new team enhancement normal
#19062 Listener was not registered before: LayerChangeAdapter new team defect normal
#19138 [Patch] Warn when you try to delete a node which is part of a way which is hidden by a filter assigned GerdP defect normal 20.06
#19150 Add a unit test that checks external presets for deprecated tags new team enhancement normal
#19203 Don't warn about nodes with note=* tag only new team enhancement normal
#19314 Zoom is blocked and JOSM freezes new team defect normal
#19320 add link to new team enhancement normal
#19321 [Patch] entries in comboboxes are sometimes cut off assigned simon04 defect normal 20.06
#9920 make plus sign between two nodes of a line changeable with macss mappaint style new team enhancement minor
#16137 Candidates for internal preset new team enhancement minor Longterm
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