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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13463 Undo selection works only if nothing is selected new team defect normal
#13492 Fix errors is very slow new team enhancement normal
#14003 Mouse moves trigger costly calculations to early new team enhancement normal
#15316 DataIntegrityProblemException when reverting CS 47770943 new Upliner defect normal
#15489 Action "Duplicate" places new way too far away new team defect normal
#16803 Validator: Wrong warning Highway link is not linked to adequate highway/link new team defect normal
#16911 Some actions stay in redo stack but cannot be redone new team defect normal 18.11
#16948 [Patch] Validator doesn't complain about overlapping buildings because rounding happens too late assigned GerdP enhancement normal
#16977 Possible performance problem in MapCSS based Tag checker new team enhancement normal
#17011 Multiple warnings for same problem new team enhancement normal
#17012 JMockit : Cannot execute JUnit test MultipolygonTest from Eclipse new team defect normal
#13538 Missing "Cannot add node outside of the world" message new team defect minor
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