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#17511 Incorrect validation warning: turn restriction for oneway=yes with oneway:bicycle=no new team defect normal
#19412 Empty error message shown new team defect normal
#19677 [Patch] Unnecessary tagging: cycleway:surface + surface + highway=cycleway new team enhancement normal
#19722 Turn restriction validator warning inconsistency new team defect normal
#19748 Risky autofix: Incorrect roundabout (highway: primary instead of {trunk/motorway}) new team defect normal
#20042 Close button doesn't cancel edits & doesn't add to undo list new Rub21 defect normal
#20539 Deprecate car in favor of motorcar new team enhancement normal
#20814 Angle / direction in bottom status bar not updated when deselecting newly drawn way new team defect normal
#20970 Deleting multiple filters at once new team enhancement normal
#21333 [Patch] Extend SharpAngles test to railways new GerdP enhancement normal
#21341 Access restriction node without object new team enhancement normal
#21390 Odd word wrap in tooltip new team defect normal
#21574 [Patch] PT assistent: support highway=busway new Biswesh defect normal
#21722 [patch] Warn about turning_circle with barrier new team enhancement normal
#21777 [patch] Tag combination: foot=no + sidewalk=left/right/both new team enhancement normal
#21116 PT assistant: failed to locate image bus.png new Biswesh defect minor
#21778 Validation error: oneway + oneway:conditional + bicycle:backwards:conditional new team defect minor
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