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#12526 Some WMS template parameters not supported in tracer plugin new team defect normal
#12528 Zoom offset adjustment for one imagery template new team enhancement normal
#12532 History for imagery offset new team enhancement normal
#12540 Ignore shops and amenities when reporting overlapping ways new team enhancement normal
#12546 Reverter крашиться при отмене пакета правок 37308967. Это происходит как на стабильной, так и на тестовой версии JOSM. new Upliner defect normal
#12548 Proper colors for modified nodes in way history new team enhancement normal
#12556 detect the same way forming a loop by being twice in a multipolygon new team enhancement normal
#12575 add icons for craft presets new team enhancement normal
#12579 Add inner polygons when using Tools → Create multipolygon new team defect normal
#12586 Command line option for fresh/temporary preferences new team enhancement normal
#12591 list of errors collapse after click on "repair" new team enhancement normal
#12592 add memorial:type=stolpersteine new team enhancement normal
#12595 Problem with keyboard layout 'RU' new team defect normal
#12597 Replace memberships of one object by another new simon04 enhancement normal
#12605 Load SRTM data from ~/.local/share/josm/elevation new OliverW enhancement normal
#12608 Add measurement plugin to core new team enhancement normal
#12609 suggesting recently used presets (multiple suggestions; iD is way better at this than JOSM) new team enhancement normal
#12613 Show preview image in the geotagging Plugin new bastiK enhancement normal
#12615 Option to restore deleted objects only new Upliner enhancement normal
#12625 Propose to merge multipolygon tags into polygon tags when taking an outer polygon off the relation new team enhancement normal
#12627 Should not display multiple warnings when the affected elements are the same new team enhancement normal
#12629 Summarize changes in relation editor new team enhancement normal
#12630 IllegalStateException: Tag collection does not include the selected value new team defect normal
#12659 Less complex tool to project a point(s) on way segment (current tools are not predictable) new team defect normal
#12662 Ctrl+Spacebar ignores map modes new team defect normal
#12663 Viewport following mode (Ctrl+Shift+F) doesn't interact with FastDraw tool new akks defect normal
#12667 Ability to swtich between latest JOSM configs via swticher or via hotkeys new team enhancement normal
#12668 Add posibility to discard tags during duplication (Ctrl+V) new team enhancement normal
#12671 Unbind J tool by default? Hide it from main menu? new team enhancement normal
#12673 Instead of an error during G tool, use Alt+J tool new team enhancement normal
#12679 Current "simplify way" Shift+Y is primitive compared to simplification steps in Fast Draw and other tools new team enhancement normal
#12682 remember setting to download data for a revert new Upliner enhancement normal
#12685 update highway=traffic_signals new team enhancement normal
#12690 add traffic_signals for pedestrians reopened team enhancement normal
#12712 scripting: no output in plugin's console window new Gubaer defect normal
#12716 don't link preset items from other preset files new team defect normal
#12719 Zoom out with minus key doesn't work on OSX new team defect normal
#12721 Add a button to the todo list plugin to remove objects that don't exist anymore new Gnonthgol enhancement normal
#12724 Keyboard shortcuts: Alt-number acts on layers in reverse order new team defect normal
#12735 additional layer for wikipedia/wikidata items showing locations a la Markers layer for gpx tracks new simon04 enhancement normal
#12736 JOSM is not warning about deleting nodes used by ways hidden by filters new team defect normal
#12750 Ouverture fichiers Neptune new Don-vip defect normal
#12754 Requiest for mentorship checkbox during changeset commit new team enhancement normal
#12765 M hotkey should be default behaviour during node hover over another node new team enhancement normal
#12768 Work on a new layer when upload is in progress new team enhancement normal
#12772 Make it possible to temporarily select some validator tests before running it new team enhancement normal
#12775 Interface freeze when click history changeset or user new team defect normal
#12783 More zoom levels when viewing GPX pictures new team enhancement normal
#12785 Conflicts block downloading more areas when updating saved file new team defect normal
#12786 using the validator autofix when tags were changed after the validation process results in an incorrect autofix new team defect normal
#12790 Resolving member conflicts in relation shows member details only for one side of conflict new team defect normal
#12804 Remove playHeadMarker static reference new michael2402 enhancement normal
#12814 Allow multiselection of data primitives to selection from the Command stack new team enhancement normal
#12817 Kapor plugin dont work new team defect normal
#12823 JOSM is unusable after loading Mapillary data for a larger bounding box new floscher defect normal
#12829 Плагин ’Reverter’ завешается с ошибкой, при отмене этого пакета правок: new Upliner defect normal
#12840 Add an option to snap also in other visible layers new team enhancement normal
#12841 Support splitted roundabouts in roundabout validation test new team enhancement normal
#12858 Layout of "Get access token" window new team defect normal
#12862 Shortcut to select the outer way of a selected multipolygon new team enhancement normal
#12866 Display disused:railway=* and abandoned:railway=* like railway=disused/abandoned whenever relevant new team enhancement normal
#12876 Add download bbox selection via pasting gps coordinates new team enhancement normal
#12891 Support opening shapefiles in EPSG:3857 new Don-vip defect normal
#12895 Show only "self-created" problem warnings in novice mode? new team defect normal
#12921 tag autocompletion has a weakness for trailing numbers new team defect normal
#12922 Extra tags for "from" and "to" are created when trying to add a "u turn via way" restriction. new team defect normal
#12929 No warning about strange relation with triplicated outer way new team defect normal
#12985 Move advanced info to expert mode new team enhancement normal
#12996 Turnlanes-tagging pluging having shortcut conflicts with Turn Restrictions plugin new Rub21 defect normal
#13007 Enlarge small monospaced font used throughout interface reopened team defect normal
#13015 add icons to preset `<check>`s new team enhancement normal
#13027 Make notes editable / deletable if not uploaded. new team enhancement normal
#13030 Allow the creation of two map views new team enhancement normal
#13036 More validation for commands new team enhancement normal
#13042 JOSM becomes unresponsive after "Test Access Token" after "New Acces Token" new team defect normal
#13065 Conflation: the conflict-resolution dialog shouldn't be modal new team defect normal
#13067 Misleading error message when building tag on multipolygon new team defect normal
#13073 After downloading data from OSM JOSM zooms out a little bit new chrabros defect normal
#13074 Make notes movable if not uploaded. new team enhancement normal
#13082 Warning for relations with only one member new team enhancement normal
#13088 Validator select problem primitive when pressing edit new team enhancement normal
#13097 Angle snapping impossible with WGS84 projection new team defect normal
#13099 Broken unit test: new team defect normal
#13108 .joz file not associated with JOSM on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux new team enhancement normal
#13118 [Patch] wms imagery should probe for WMS Version or allow to set it new simon04 defect normal
#13121 Create/update Wikidata item using OSM data new simon04 enhancement normal
#13125 Allow to set Simplify Way tolerance in the interface new team enhancement normal
#13143 Make autosave not block on other threads new team enhancement normal
#13146 UnsupportedOperationException: Unable to remove primitives from TestError new team defect normal
#13152 Unecessary decision dialog while merging two ways that are part of a multipolygon new team defect normal
#13155 Better handling of Layer.checkLayerMemoryDoesNotExceedMaximum new michael2402 defect normal
#13160 Some kind of deadlock which prevents typing in textboxes new team defect normal
#13165 [Patch needs work] Validator did not warn about overlapping multipolygons new team defect normal
#13177 Better handle errors while downloading parent ways/relations new team enhancement normal
#13183 building_tools do not remove address points from relation when merging with building new Upliner defect normal
#13202 Ctrl-C does not work when "ImproveOSM" Plugin is installed new jBeata defect normal
#13205 Warn users when trying to upload really large changesets new team enhancement normal
#13214 Add an empty data layer when user clicks disabled "mode" button new team enhancement normal
#13235 Warn for unordered multipolygon members new team enhancement normal
#13265 Auto split changesets with over 10,000 changes new team enhancement normal
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