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#11757 "APP1 Segment is too long" when using "write coordinates to image headers" new team defect normal
#11758 Plugin system has no protection against man in the middle attacks and similar new team enhancement normal
#11763 Changeset upload says Placeholder node not found for reference in way new team defect normal
#11766 Nodes in way must be in the same dataset new team defect normal
#11778 Validator not showing warning for 'way end node near other highway' for a particular way new team defect normal
#11780 Add render support for highway=cycleway + foot=designated new team defect normal
#11781 Problem mit Relation new team defect normal
#11783 Terracer splits in wrong direction new team defect normal
#11786 Support tag inheritance or tag sets for Add:Alt-LClick new team enhancement normal
#11796 MapCSS text-offset implementation not compatible to MapCSS specification new team defect normal
#11801 IllegalArgumentException during upload of 296 pictures new floscher defect normal
#11844 [PATCH] Show time estimation when geotagging many photos at once new bastiK enhancement normal
#11845 (More) nagging/warning for empty changeset comment or source new team enhancement normal
#11854 Shortcuts with Cmd key stops working unexpectedly (OSX) new team defect normal
#11860 add healthcare:speciality=paediatrics new team enhancement normal
#11870 Better prevention of overlapping ways when appending a node to a way new team enhancement normal
#11871 Searching "Area around places" should allow to center slippy map for further selection new team enhancement normal
#11873 ClassNotFoundException after canceling a plugin download new team defect normal
#11874 No progress bar while downloading plugins reopened team defect 16.07 normal
#11900 Quality Assurance Tools script hangs when trying to download data new Gubaer defect normal
#11902 Geotagging, then using jhead results in message 'Suspicious offset of first Exif IFD value' new bastiK enhancement normal
#11904 Option to undo move of a picture new holgermappt enhancement normal
#11905 Option to move multiple images at once new team enhancement normal
#11906 Option to snap image(s) to a given way new team enhancement normal
#11907 Selected images should behave as in a file browser new bastiK enhancement normal
#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new team enhancement normal
#11914 OSM username in titlebar new team enhancement normal
#11949 History dialog going crazy sometimes with long usernames new team defect normal
#11950 Mapsforge as background new team enhancement normal
#11970 Possible problem when comparing key with a replace() value new team defect normal
#11976 Option to highlight relation members new team enhancement normal
#11982 duplicated nodes which is not used in way or relation reopened team enhancement normal
#11983 "Crossing ways" operator in MapCSS new team enhancement normal
#11985 Support {0}.key/tag/value when comparing key values new team enhancement normal
#11991 josm conflict not showing the error new team defect normal
#11994 left and right casing rendering not synchronous new team defect normal
#12024 turnrestrictions plugin should support restriction=no_entry / restriction=no_exit new team enhancement normal
#12029 Wrong rendering of way labels in persian font, only at specific zoom levels new team defect normal
#12037 [Alpha patch] Feedback on valid/invalid Overpass Turbo queries new team enhancement normal
#12055 toggling draw.rawgps.lines.force does not affect drawing immediately new team defect normal
#12056 ContinuosDownload don't know the state of sources if changed (esp. GPS) new team defect normal
#12066 Option to restore object to its original state new team enhancement normal
#12067 Problems moving items the Layers window/panel new team defect normal
#12069 magnification lock wanted to disable change of map size due to overly sensitive mouse new team enhancement normal
#12074 Enhancing the Slippy Map download screen new team enhancement normal
#12085 Droid fonts no longer shipped by Android upstream, switch to Noto fonts new team enhancement normal
#12087 Implement a slippy map download bbox reminder new team enhancement normal
#12096 Getting "Read timed out" when trying to download a layer new team defect normal
#12099 Move a selected object to a new layer new team enhancement normal
#12103 Show split way dialog only for high value geometries new team enhancement normal
#12105 PatternSyntaxException with invalid MapCSS new team defect normal
#12106 Issue while adding multiple key/values with colon new team defect normal
#12109 Turn restriction onto oneway not properly checked new team defect normal
#12117 JOSM Turn Restriction Enhancement Suggestion reopened team enhancement normal
#12124 area icons new team enhancement normal
#12130 timeout exception connect timed out new team defect normal
#12137 Make File>Open recognize Imagery pictures new team enhancement normal
#12142 Save default imagery layers (background image) without having to use a session new team enhancement normal
#12150 Undocked panels jump around desktops (MacOS) when second display is used new team defect normal
#12154 autocompletion in combos should ignore lower and upper case lettes new team enhancement normal
#12161 Presets: Non-editable Comboboxes are Lower than Editable Comboboxes new team defect normal
#12173 Visible warning when the current imagery layer is offset new team enhancement normal
#12179 maps ( needs a context field to guide translation new team enhancement normal
#12184 add changed key/values to last-used list new team enhancement normal
#12196 HouseNumberTaggingTool - adding source:addr new oliver@… enhancement normal
#12202 Include extrusion behavior as part of building tools new Upliner enhancement normal
#12208 Misleading error message during failed import from 3rd-party servers new team defect normal
#12209 IAE at CorrelateGpxWithImages$LoadGpxDataActionListener.actionPerformed - when correlating image with gpx track new team defect normal
#12214 do not load everything when going to a directory from "import images" new team defect normal
#12218 Geochat autologin doesnt works new Zverikk defect normal
#12219 Validate wikidata tag wrt. wikipedia tag new simon04 enhancement normal
#12243 Quick apply tags new team enhancement normal
#12251 Localized names of mappaint styles do not work anymore new team defect normal
#12261 make JOSM more friendly for new users new team enhancement normal
#12270 allow modifying note data that has not been uploaded yet new team enhancement normal
#12281 [Patch] Clean up massive code duplication from OSMRecPlugin plugin new nkaragiannakis enhancement normal
#12284 Can the button that adds Wikipedia tag, add the wikidata tag as well? new simon04 enhancement normal
#12285 Hide name on ways during dragging to allow precise alignment new team enhancement normal
#12290 Allow to comfortably reset "Do not show again" choices new team enhancement normal
#12303 When downloading objects with Overpass API, use recurse up to fetch referrers new simon04 enhancement normal
#12310 Validator: add "gap between buildings" new team enhancement normal
#12326 "Empty" and "Modified" indicators in the data layers new team enhancement normal
#12327 Advanced alignment and distribute for selected objects new team enhancement normal
#12334 Validate some more unneeded turn restrictions cases new team enhancement normal
#12360 Reverting objects with deleted data isn't ideal new Upliner defect normal
#12361 "social_facility:for=" problem new team enhancement normal
#12365 Better deal with conflicts on deleted nodes new team enhancement normal
#12379 make adding new items for tag2link more straightforward new Don-vip enhancement normal
#12399 Improve the josm-plugins git mirror reopened team enhancement normal
#12415 [patch] temporary layer did not use use antialiasing new team defect normal
#12435 upload unpossible; no loading of background image new team defect normal
#12449 Implement max consecutive distance new *Martin* enhancement normal
#12455 Auto-detect network loss and enable `--offline=all` at start new team enhancement normal
#12459 [patch needs rework] layer color resets to default when renaming layer new team defect normal
#12466 JOSM can handle 50000+ changes requement and 5000+ changes recommendation automatically new team enhancement normal
#12468 enhance display of boundaries in relation list dialog new team enhancement normal
#12483 Should not silently delete layers with upload=false reopened team defect normal
#12484 harmonize warning message with button caption new team enhancement normal
#12505 Loading changesets with deletions (via remote control) should zoom to bounding box new team enhancement normal
#12509 NPE in turnlanes validator new benshu defect normal
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