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#10972 Additional third column marks for public transport relation member display new team enhancement normal
#10974 Avoiding collateral damages in PTv2 routes new team enhancement normal
#10982 Validate turn restrictions with to = from new team enhancement normal
#10983 Check double housenumbers new team enhancement normal
#10990 .KMZ import for Piclayer plugin new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#10992 Missing warning for object exchange in utilsplugin2 new team enhancement normal
#10999 Incomplete download status not preserved when moving node new team enhancement normal
#11000 JOSM Remote control Import, couldn't it also take a hint for the new layer's name? new team enhancement normal
#11008 Several problems/enhancement of changeset manager reopened team enhancement normal
#11015 GPX Photo Correlation causes photos to disappear from view new team defect normal
#11017 3GPP audio files open in browser on Linux new team defect normal
#11042 Too large confirmation dialog new team defect normal
#11045 New optional parameters to "import" remote control handler for tag replacement and OSM API download new team enhancement normal
#11048 improve autocompletion (by frequentness, object type, ...) new team enhancement normal
#11054 Tag and relation transit will be broken when splitting a way new team enhancement normal
#11063 allow editing object's role in a relation directly on the object new team enhancement normal
#11080 Make the RoadSigns plugin smarter new bastiK enhancement normal
#11081 Base signs and additional signs new bastiK enhancement normal
#11082 roadsigns and turn restriction relation new bastiK enhancement normal
#11084 combo box in roadsigns? new bastiK enhancement normal
#11086 Allow import notes form created in Osmand *.osc files new team enhancement normal
#11091 Smartly create boundary relations new team enhancement normal
#11098 Merging layers: Problem with undeleted way new team defect normal
#11099 'Move node into way' can sometimes result in multiple duplicate nodes new team defect normal
#11101 Issue a warning when multipolygon relations grow too large new team enhancement normal
#11122 add shop=motorcycle_repair new team enhancement normal
#11136 Error trying to revert changeset after object history loads new Upliner defect normal
#11146 Change "highway=*; construction=yes" to "highway=construction; construction=*" new team enhancement normal
#11153 improve readability of validator warnings new team enhancement normal
#11176 Propose to upload notes in upload dialog reopened ToeBee enhancement normal
#11182 update preset Sports/sport/skiing new team defect normal
#11189 Geotagged images taken out on surveys taken close together do not show seperately in JOSM new team defect normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new team defect normal
#11218 Cancel on upload + window size new ToeBee defect normal
#11226 Strava Slide plugin for JOSM new team enhancement normal
#11232 Validator should complain about "highway=*; construction=yes" new team enhancement normal
#11233 How to make icons in route relation editor continuous? reopened team defect normal
#11240 IOOBE at ChangesetListModel.getElementAt during upload new team defect normal
#11251 Should not conflict on unmodified objects new team defect normal
#11260 Very slow area calculation in DownloadAlongAction.addToDownload new team enhancement normal
#11265 Measure area made of several segments new team enhancement normal
#11273 tag2link links as directly clickable links new Don-vip enhancement normal
#11274 Updating plugin (turnlanes) causes exception new team defect normal
#11277 Show the line number for syntax errors in preset files new team enhancement normal
#11286 reverter: download objects history in parallel while restoring/undeleting new Upliner enhancement normal
#11288 Can't cancel undelete process new team defect normal
#11291 Should save parameter values between runs new team enhancement normal
#11295 No way of automatic check of plugins new team enhancement normal
#11304 zoom changed when converting a layer new team defect normal
#11310 Support setting changeset tags during /import call new team enhancement normal
#11316 auto completion: last entered tags not remembered after restart. new team defect normal
#11333 unexpected exception when undoing new team defect normal
#11348 Crossing way check works only for "on demand" but not for "on upload" new team defect normal
#11349 addr:street autocompletion should be more picky about suggestions new team enhancement normal
#11367 Download notes when using remote control on with note layer enabled new team enhancement normal
#11368 Merge locally modified note comments when downloading notes new ToeBee enhancement normal
#11373 Sorting within stop/platform members of type=route relations new team enhancement normal
#11377 Change redo shortcut for dialogs new team defect normal
#11388 Better duplicated relation test new team enhancement normal
#11392 Styles, rules and presets translation new team enhancement 18.03 normal
#11398 Install windows version for all windows users new team defect normal
#11402 Tracer2 - always create new nodes when fix buildings [patch] new team defect normal
#11446 "Download around" option new team enhancement normal
#11451 Allow references to inner object matches with ∈ (element of) operator new team enhancement normal
#11453 Window with element history is focusing under Changeset manager new team defect normal
#11454 Cannot upload gpx track with DirectUpload plugin (JOSM behind HTTP proxy with authentication) new team defect normal
#11455 Allow explicit fix target selection with ∈ (element of) operator new team enhancement normal
#11460 Generate statistics when multiple objects are selected new team enhancement normal
#11461 Problem with plug in to import satellite images new team defect normal
#11463 Can't zoom after importing image new team enhancement normal
#11480 Projection PUWG 2000 5 does not zoom to bbox properly new team defect normal
#11481 JOSM freezes for some time on slow Internet connection assigned wiktorn defect normal
#11483 Unexpected action on list when press right key new team defect normal
#11492 No memory warning when loading OSM data new team defect normal
#11497 Options to solve conflicting tags while merging ways new team enhancement normal
#11541 Add Wikidata to presets new team enhancement normal
#11544 leisure=recreation_ground should display as landuse=recreation_ground new team enhancement normal
#11556 switch image layer pressing tilde button new team enhancement normal
#11558 Add ways user selected and perform 'Zoom to Gap' in one go new team enhancement normal
#11560 HouseNumberTaggingTool should have more or configurable addr:* keys new oliver@… enhancement normal
#11561 HouseNumberTaggingTool should have a method to copy the values from an existing address new oliver@… enhancement normal
#11580 Incoherent note list behavior after notes download new team defect normal
#11595 Elements still marked as changed even if changes were manually removed reopened team enhancement normal
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member new team defect normal
#11643 startup: check online resources (presets, imagery..) only in reasonable intervals new team enhancement normal
#11652 Give better error message on known failure of OSM server new team enhancement normal
#11670 Warn on moving objects by over 1km new team enhancement normal
#11675 UtilsPlugin2 Menus don't show up reopened team enhancement normal
#11682 Improve the usability of importing a CSV file new Don-vip enhancement normal
#11692 Better test for "Crossing boundaries" new team defect normal
#11695 Add possibility to specify URL which sets the Cookie that should be used with further imagery requests assigned wiktorn enhancement normal
#11698 Clicking "View in Website" in mapillary image window opens an editor with html code, not a website in the browser new floscher defect normal
#11710 Re-geotagging hides pictures that are not covered by gpx track new bastiK enhancement normal
#11715 Plugin elevationprofile: Support metric system new OliverW enhancement normal
#11722 No images after removing active geo-images layer new team defect normal
#11725 Unusable drawing performance in maximized mode even with small area new team defect normal
#11734 Focus behaviour in search field new team enhancement normal
#11739 Hotkeys don't work, but those with modifiers do. new team defect normal
#11753 stop rendering highway=path in way that implies that it is for low quality footways new team enhancement normal
#11754 Discrepancy in behaviour of Building Tool ("B") & Orthoganalise Shape ("Q") new Upliner defect normal
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