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#14652 Remove Let's Encrypt certificate new team enhancement 18.04 normal
#14657 Zoom Menu on Mac OS-X is not working when called with keyboard shortcuts new team defect normal
#14661 Add type of zoo new team enhancement normal
#14664 poly plugin: should warn about unclosed ways or properly merge them, if possible new Zverikk enhancement normal
#14666 [patch] Autoresize Tags/Memberships table to fit content? new team defect normal
#14668 OSM tracer new team defect normal
#14669 default map paint style does not recognize highway areas other than pedestrian new team defect normal
#14670 feature request: do not overwrite positions of already geotagged photos if time delta is bigger than x new team enhancement normal
#14686 Allow adjusting the rectangle on Download Slippy Map new team enhancement normal
#14694 Allow saving Status Report to file new team enhancement normal
#14695 fails to open browser when authenticating while attempting to upload using semi-automatic authentication new team defect normal
#14701 Copying relations needs Yes/No confirmation new team enhancement normal
#14711 when sorting members of a route, look at oneway tag of ways or direction of roundabout new team defect normal
#14713 DataIntegrityProblemException: Relation member must be part of the same dataset as relation - while editing multiple relations new team defect normal
#14718 Persist message if file cannot be found new team defect normal
#14720 Allow splitting multiple ways simultaneously new team enhancement normal
#14729 NPE at MapillaryUtils.showPictures new floscher defect normal
#14741 Application is called "MainApplication" in the MacOS menu bar, instead of JOSM reopened Polarbear-j defect 17.05 normal
#14751 Merging a Dupe Node using WayDownloaderPlugin caused Unexpected Exception new Harry Wood defect normal
#14760 turnlanes doesn't show road if lanes=backwards new team defect normal
#14774 Review deletions in a revert process new Upliner enhancement normal
#14782 Keyboard shortcut for "zoom to" in relation editor / double click new team enhancement normal
#14790 SAXParseException downloading /w qat_script v0.6.2 new Gubaer defect normal
#14797 DataIntegrityProblemException after upload new team defect normal
#14804 Unify case handling for boolean tag values new team defect normal
#14813 Points are still visible after selection for deletion in EditGpx plugin new team defect normal
#14826 Allow independent area style for outer ways of multipolygons new team enhancement 18.04 normal
#14829 Unable to Switch Imagery Offset Off new team defect normal
#14834 IOException: Shape goes outside the world new team defect normal
#14835 [patch] Tag Editor default focus is not set or not respected new team defect normal
#14841 TAB doesn't work in Unsaved Changes dialog new team defect normal
#14853 Drop File->"Export to Gpx" new team enhancement normal
#14855 IAE: Node is already deleted (merge) new team defect normal
#14885 Simplify way should pop up a slider to adjust distance new team enhancement normal
#14887 Ability to lock some objects according to mapcss selector new team enhancement normal
#14899 Add shortcuts to rotate objects new team enhancement normal
#14904 edge selection map mode assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#14931 test for wrongly tagged public transport version 2 routes assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#14934 Interface improvement for `destination` tags and all other semicolon-separated list values new team enhancement normal
#14944 Validator - Include Warning About Simultaneous Use Of "Classic" And "New" Contact Tagging Scheme new team enhancement normal
#14951 New "ref:FR:NAF" link to a map new Don-vip enhancement normal
#14952 Warning message for non-square buildings new team enhancement normal
#14958 JosmRuntimeException: "Reindexing way failed to remove" at QuadBucketPrimitiveStore.reindexWay new team defect normal
#14963 IllegalStateException: The layer has already been destroyed: MapdustLayer new jBeata defect normal
#14965 Improve autofilters new team enhancement normal
#14979 option to keep all relations by default when merging overlapping polygons new team enhancement normal
#14982 Drop down menu for Undelete Plugin new team enhancement normal
#14988 NPE at dxfimport.DxfImportTask.realRun new team defect normal
#14990 Consider correct segments only from correct routes assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#14993 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced new team defect normal
#15007 Question: check and set key/value for more then one kv. Possible? new team enhancement normal
#15010 osm permissions for Argentina Imagery sources reopened zalitoar task normal
#15019 Feature Request Option to generate osm link for current view new team enhancement normal
#15023 Selection: Next way segment new team enhancement normal
#15030 IAE: Relation is already deleted new team defect normal
#15038 compare route_ref tag to the list of actually served lines/route relations new darya enhancement normal
#15044 Detect highways with acute angles new team enhancement normal
#15049 Enable easy lifecycle prefix tagging new team enhancement normal
#15063 Navigation toolbar for objects in GPX new team enhancement normal
#15076 Error deleting a turn restriction new team defect normal
#15078 Problem in the route segment with one automatic fix new darya defect normal
#15085 Fetch overpass turbo queries from OSM preferences API new team enhancement normal
#15094 Windows>Tags>right-click menu consistency & simplicity new team enhancement normal
#15098 roundabout splitter uses landuse ways assigned giackserva defect normal
#15107 [Patch] Check runways,aerodromes for missing tags in validator new team enhancement normal
#15112 After JOSM starts and loads an osm layer, when I open the Search window, click on the drop down list of last search strings and select the first one (the newest) it doesn't appear in the search box. new team defect normal
#15114 jump from stop to correspondig way and vice versa assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#15124 "download along track" doesn't remember settings new team defect normal
#15136 Ignore validator warning for no_u_turn where from and to new team enhancement normal
#15151 Very slow and high CPU usage after restarting new team defect normal
#15155 Group opening_hours warnings by object or opening_hours tag value. new team enhancement normal
#15158 Feature request Tag2Link assigned Don-vip enhancement normal
#15160 cannot add certain bus stops to a route new team defect normal
#15165 RejectedExecutionException when trying to add Bing background pictures new team defect normal
#15170 [Patch] SimplifyWayAction optimizations. new team enhancement normal
#15180 Tell user not to use oneway=-1 new team enhancement normal
#15185 Bus stop platform node and Tram stop platform node in One Click preset assigned Polyglot task normal
#15194 Purging new objects purges relations containing those objects new team defect normal
#15209 PurgeCommand.topoSort fails when purging many relations new team defect normal
#15214 IAE: Relation is already deleted new Zverikk defect normal
#15217 Use name-suggestion-index new team enhancement normal
#15218 Dynamic plugin classloading new Gubaer enhancement normal
#15219 remote control with an Overpass query new team enhancement normal
#15225 Update road colours to match style new team enhancement normal
#15229 modular structure for JOSM core new team enhancement normal
#15237 reverse the 'never ask this again' new team defect normal
#15242 Setting user specific keyboard shortcuts to frequently used user tags eg building=house new team enhancement normal
#15250 validating phone numbers new team enhancement normal
#15255 suggesting to switch to slippy map when Nominatim request is too big new team enhancement normal
#15309 Add Key healthcare with Subtags new team enhancement normal
#15314 Investigate why Wikidata "fetch IDs" doesn't work behind TR firewall new simon04 defect normal
#15316 DataIntegrityProblemException when reverting CS 47770943 new Upliner defect normal
#15324 Button to sort stops in PT route relation new team enhancement normal
#15326 Increase timeout when testing IPv6 connectivity new team enhancement normal
#15331 InterruptedException new floscher defect normal
#15349 Different style when object is a building new team enhancement normal
#15361 IAE: Comparison method violates its general contract! (SelectionListDialog.sort) new team defect normal
#15366 override standard rules with custom validator rules to remove some tests new team enhancement normal
#15367 Power transformer extension new team enhancement normal
#15371 Relation editor, deactivate/disable modifying actions when relation was changed in main editor new team enhancement normal
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