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#13967 Direct option to save/load toolbar items new team enhancement normal
#13968 Optional display of current zoom level new team enhancement normal
#13971 Explain what "fix" "autofix" button will do for every check using captions new team enhancement normal
#13992 URL validator on source:url new team defect normal
#14000 SAXParseException: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId new simon04 defect normal
#14003 Mouse moves trigger costly calculations to early new team enhancement normal
#14006 Multipolygon: combinedPolygons not updated on node merge new team defect normal
#14012 Parking not recognized new OliverW enhancement normal
#14014 support for highway with different side name new OliverW enhancement normal
#14018 JOSM is very slow new team defect normal
#14022 Region [TMS_BLOCK_v2] Problem loading keys for file TMS_BLOCK_v2 new team defect normal
#14045 OperationNotFoundException: Bursa wolf parameters required - North America Lambert Conformal Conical new team defect normal
#14051 Unhandled timeout exception new simon04 defect normal
#14053 Document validator.duplicatenodes.precision value new team enhancement normal
#14058 Changes would not upload new team defect normal
#14061 NPE at RasterFiltersPreferences.ok new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#14069 More coloring options for GPX files new team enhancement normal
#14077 Proxy authentication new team enhancement normal
#14083 Horizontal scrolling with mouse doesn't work needinfo Klumbumbus defect normal
#14088 Add icons to value drop down in adding tag dialog new team enhancement normal
#14091 semi-automatic Oauth does not work new team defect normal
#14092 Should not suggest to downgrade the classification of some roundabouts new team enhancement normal
#14094 Incomplete object info in the conflict dialog new team defect normal
#14096 Optional use of subgroups triggered by number of hits new team enhancement normal
#14102 Filter gives error with certain types of tags (key:key=value) and other filter bugs. new team defect normal
#14103 GPX→OSM: convert additional tags for trackpoints new team enhancement normal
#14111 Some improvements for notes new team enhancement normal
#14115 Walk Mode Mapillary new floscher defect normal
#14120 Remove methods deprecated during gsoc-core assigned michael2402 defect 18.03 normal
#14124 Some string functions in MapCSS new team enhancement normal
#14129 Writing coordinates to image header doesn't work new bastiK defect normal
#14139 Customize track drawing, gpx, where did I stop, speed color scheme. new team enhancement normal
#14142 Rename "Toggle Dialogs" (sometimes "Windows") to "Panel" new team enhancement 18.04 normal
#14148 NPE in MapViewState$MapViewEastNorthPoint.<init> new team defect normal
#14150 Deletes one of the way's relations instead of entire way new team defect normal
#14168 JOSM not working with manual or system proxy settings new team defect normal
#14174 Strange warning installing plugin new team defect normal
#14176 Use Java 8 Date API (JSR 310): replace Date by Instant? new team enhancement normal
#14177 Tag/Membership conflict window: Window height/divider not properly adjusted new team defect normal
#14178 Replace geometry: Optional setting handling for membership conflicts new team enhancement normal
#14182 Cancel upload produces a mess :) reopened team defect normal
#14191 Get route segments from overlapping way or GPS trace new team enhancement normal
#14197 Option to filter/sort by modified values in advanced preferences new team enhancement normal
#14200 Large node move new team defect normal
#14204 NPE in LoadPdfDialog.savePlacement new team defect normal
#14208 Fix the table header of the filter dialog box new team enhancement normal
#14213 building_tools configuration issues new Upliner defect normal
#14228 Order the members when creating boundaries and multipolygons new team enhancement normal
#14230 add traffic validations to pt_assistant new darya enhancement normal
#14232 JOSM allows to create self-intersecting ways when combining ways new team defect normal
#14234 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (GeoImageLayer) new team defect normal
#14253 Highlight affected relation members in validation warnings new team enhancement normal
#14261 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset new team defect normal
#14283 RejectedExecutionException: Task PutEvent rejected from java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor new team defect normal
#14287 Not capturing all elements when using ∈ new team defect normal
#14289 Some issues with crossing operator ⧉ new team defect normal
#14290 Parent selector is selecting both child and parent new team defect normal
#14298 Selecting unrelated objects when moving a node new team defect normal
#14329 Reflect operations new team enhancement normal
#14330 editor after parts of a previously split line were re-ordered in relation editor new team defect normal
#14335 Printing function does not work new team defect normal
#14337 OSX: zooms in and out when right click to pan new team defect normal
#14378 Global territory selector new team enhancement normal
#14399 More readable preferences dialog for macOS new team enhancement normal
#14404 Support similar/alternative words when searching for a preset new team enhancement normal
#14405 No conflict resolution possible with newly created busroute new team defect normal
#14424 Add validation asserts for "fix" results new team enhancement normal
#14426 "what changed but not yet saved" view reopened team enhancement normal
#14433 Just like wikipedia, wikimedia_commons tag should open Commons new Don-vip enhancement normal
#14434 Option to zoom to overpass query results new team enhancement normal
#14441 Explanation for each validator warning new team enhancement normal
#14448 wikidata IDs fetch should show number of added and unchanged values in popup new simon04 enhancement normal
#14456 Can't add correct ext_tool shortcuts to main Toolbar new Upliner defect normal
#14462 Add "edit" to context menu in relations list new team enhancement normal
#14463 need a command to "replace/add all member-of" to selection new team enhancement normal
#14465 "Open in browser" should support multiple objects new Don-vip enhancement normal
#14471 terracer is associating Unconnected Building from Non-Selected Street in Relation Dialog new team defect normal
#14479 Validation Rule Level: Level sollten nur Zahlen mit optionalen 0,5 Schritten aufweisen: bitte entfernen new team enhancement normal
#14480 New automatic tag correction (or warning): placement new team enhancement normal
#14483 Occasional timeout while waiting on to be loaded new team defect normal
#14488 NPE at com.jhlabs.image.TransferFilter.filterRGB new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#14490 Support for escaping pipe character in remote control addtags parameters new team enhancement normal
#14498 Terracer-with-Relation is Removing the Previous House Relation Member + other errors new team defect normal
#14518 Show "instance of" (P31), description, and possibly other info in Wikidata popup new simon04 enhancement normal
#14526 SequenceCommand doesn't rollback properly in case of subcommand error. new team defect normal
#14530 Automatically include outer and inner roles when creating relations new team enhancement normal
#14531 Command line plugin takes two lines new Hind defect normal
#14532 check for invalid "layer" tagging on tunnel=* and bridge=* new team enhancement normal
#14541 Configure toolbar, can not move Open Recent to toolbar. new team defect normal
#14545 Open edited pbf file fails new Don-vip defect normal
#14562 automatically load tms tile from lower zoom level if current zoom level doesn't provide tiles new team enhancement normal
#14569 Merge dialog: remember tag conflict resolution for next items new team enhancement normal
#14591 preselection in searchmenu dont work on first click new team enhancement normal
#14598 Bing Imagery "Error: Attribution is not loaded yet" reopened team defect normal
#14600 Add warning if othogonalize more than a reasonable number of ways, e.g. 20 new team enhancement normal
#14620 Conflation: data corruption when conflating twice the same data assigned Tyndare defect normal
#14634 IllegalMonitorStateException - WalkThread new floscher defect normal
#14644 Faster access to bookmarks / home location new team enhancement normal
#14650 IAE: Invalid number of points in LinearRing new Tyndare defect normal
#14651 No tag conflict handling for "Update Multipolygon" new team defect normal
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