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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2173 Show the Progress of preparing Data after downloading an Area new enhancement trivial Core
#3411 Make JOSM remember last-opened file type across sessions new enhancement trivial Core
#5115 Connection failed / text in dialogue box new defect trivial Core
#5633 Cancelling authentication while quitting throws an exception new defect trivial Core
#5794 Fine tune position of the four coordinate boxes in the download->bounding box dialogue new enhancement trivial Core
#6786 Command stack conflict error message new defect trivial Core
#8588 MapCSS: pixels per meter new defect trivial Core mappaint
#8757 Display one window when merging multiple layers new enhancement trivial Core
#8939 Keystroke errors in AddTagsDialog new defect trivial Core
#10004 Treat higway=* + area=yes similar to roundabouts in the relation editor. new enhancement trivial Core
#11168 undo fills in stuff which never was existing there - in the changeset comment new defect trivial Core
#11253 Parkings and maxstay: no unit for the maxstay-time new defect trivial Core
#12658 Statusbar undescriptive about all "move" "select" modes new enhancement trivial Core
#12669 Disable "upload" button - similar to undo/redo new enhancement trivial Core
#12674 Incorrect text in extrude tool new defect trivial Core
#12869 Validation of the multipolygon relations is wihout explanation new enhancement trivial Core
#13259 filter is not rendered correctly if you open two layers and then switch to the second new defect trivial Core
#13689 rename text label "Zoom to selected elements" > "Zoom to subselection" new enhancement trivial Core
#13765 [patch needs rework] adding a button to test the proxy settings new enhancement trivial Core
#14155 Warning: amenity=place_of_worship inside amenity=place_of_worship new defect trivial Core validator
#14573 slippy map in download window jumps unexpectedly when doing a consecutive download in one session new defect trivial Core
#14730 Display a notice to the user if functionality (imagery layer display) is reduced in case of low memory allocation new enhancement trivial Core imagery
#14876 Change indication when we have clicked the second time, making a point new enhancement trivial Core
#15051 Search has a Help button, but Search for Objects by Preset doesn't new enhancement trivial Core
#15080 Add a "Try again" button to "Network errors occurred" dialog new enhancement trivial Core
#15569 warning text in Preferences -> Connection Settings should be revised due to HTTPS being the default new enhancement trivial Core
#15837 Right click on layer lacks "Info" choice new enhancement trivial Plugin piclayer
#16107 Language tags new enhancement trivial Core
#16227 Always quote plugin name in error messages new enhancement trivial Plugin
#59 (patch needs rework) Dialog menu new enhancement minor Core
#794 Adjacent areas new enhancement minor Core
#1547 Wrong play position for Audio markers new defect minor Core audio
#1701 josm should support loading multiple audio files new enhancement minor Core audio
#1993 Support for WMA-Audio new enhancement minor Core audio
#2043 Audio continues to run for nearly a second after clicking pause button new defect minor Core audio
#2136 Suggestion: instant roundabouts new enhancement minor Core
#2167 a detailed view for gpx trackpoints new enhancement minor Core
#2328 Possibility to move way segments new enhancement minor Core
#2335 displayed modifiers in selection mode (defect and enhancement) new enhancement minor Core
#2375 Multiple images on the same GPX point get lost new enhancement minor Core
#2520 ability to write commit message while working new enhancement minor Core
#2622 Displaying points count from GPX in the Layers tab new enhancement minor Core
#2760 GPX layer -> data layer convert does not simplify track new enhancement minor Core
#2973 Display entries in the Colors menu that differ from the default differently from the rest new enhancement minor Core
#3117 Blank frames shown in photo layer while photo previews are loading new enhancement minor Core image mapping
#3188 osmChange has create before modify new enhancement minor Core
#3310 Changing the gps datum by clicking on the status bar new enhancement minor Core
#3321 Prevent connection of roads to specific ways new enhancement minor Core
#3384 Prevent modified status even if no real modification has been done new enhancement minor Core
#3757 audio play head jumps to start of the track new defect minor Core audio
#3888 Save layer doesn't update title bar reopened enhancement minor Core
#4026 Lakewalker creates 2-node way when tracing lake at 65.0811,-21.6933 new defect minor Plugin lakewalker
#4132 'Shift+g' to switch from all GPS traces to just mine new enhancement minor Core
#4504 Conditional warnings: Provide preference dialog for conditional warnings new enhancement minor Core
#4637 Add "Retry now" button to "Starting retry in X seconds" dialog new enhancement minor Core
#4851 Display of angle is wrong with projection method WGS84 new defect minor Core
#4929 Filtered and disabled objects can be selected new defect minor Core
#5105 Better GPX track style customization reopened enhancement minor Core
#5124 relation merge new enhancement minor Core
#5151 button for DST in photo referencing new enhancement minor Core
#5194 Add/edit multiple point/objects/POI in a table/grid. new enhancement minor Plugin
#5253 Starting retry... in upload dialog remains after upload starts new enhancement minor Core
#5331 Memory leak when removing data layers reopened defect minor Core
#5649 New command to switch between actual and previous layer new enhancement minor Core
#5650 The term 'key:' can only be the last term of a multiple AND search expression. new defect minor Core
#5777 Another "sharpening-algorithm" for Bing aerials? new enhancement minor Core
#6018 if using coloured traces, show legend in layer list new enhancement minor Core
#6157 Problems with combo + editable=false new defect minor Core
#6209 Please merge loading osm and gps data into one info-popup new enhancement minor Core
#6231 "Update modified" not disabled even if nothing has been modified. new defect minor Core
#6423 Impossible to simplify the "shared" parts of "overlapping ways" new enhancement minor Core
#6429 Extend "Jump to Position" function to support different coordinate formats new enhancement minor Core
#6661 Wish: show Relation with a more width Line new enhancement minor Core
#6725 Plugins need to be loaded before tool definitions for toolbar buttons (WAS: Missing tool definition in utilsplugin2 when item placed in toolbar) new defect minor Core
#6984 Layer list activates a layer with an earlier button-down event only new defect minor Core
#7097 multi-line value editor in advanced preferences and copy-paste new enhancement minor Core
#7105 in extrusion mode, make ctrl+shift rotate selection new enhancement minor Core
#7487 option to auto-save the current osm file after upload new enhancement minor Core
#7496 Suggestion of a more intuitive UI design new enhancement minor Core
#7526 downloading new map paint styles hangs prefs dialog new enhancement minor Core
#8011 About dialog improvements new enhancement minor Core
#8268 Not animated progress bar after 50k/10k changeset new defect minor Core
#8334 Option to select/configure font size new enhancement minor Core
#8432 Create closed way new enhancement minor Core
#8448 Tag editor: "short cuts" for tag combinations new enhancement minor Core
#8463 Command history should be per object new enhancement minor Core
#8724 Highway preset missing in "properties panel" if it's a closed loop, but not tagged "area=yes" reopened defect minor Core
#8831 Extruding after extrude+add not possible new defect minor Core
#8844 "Toggle panels" action move displayed map about 1 pixel new defect minor Core
#9260 Zoom level changes when downloading map data new defect minor Core
#9920 make plus sign between two nodes of a line changeable with macss mappaint style new enhancement minor Core mappaint
#9924 same geom and all tag of one way are include in the second new enhancement minor Core validator
#9935 Generic building tool new enhancement minor Core
#10098 adding a new tag with a already existing key makes you loose your value if you do not overwrite reopened enhancement minor Core
#10218 Left click selection box doesn't always disappear new defect minor Core
#10229 Rendering will not update if moved from right-hand traffic area to left-hand and vice versa new defect minor Core mappaint
#10420 Reload images on change new enhancement minor Core mappaint
#10424 opening_hours validator fixes all warnings in one but only the selected disappears. new enhancement minor Core validator
#11374 Wrong validator assert does not give a hint about the line new defect minor Core validator
#11417 [PATCH] update dump station preset: add freshwater fill tag new enhancement minor Internal preset
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