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#11175 [Patch] "Ways with same position" gives errors that are not new defect normal Core validator
#17184 Memory Leaks reopened defect normal Core
#17196 [RFC] [Patch] Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer reopened defect normal Core
#18019 [Patch] Creating a multipolygon is wrongly moving highway=* to the relation assigned enhancement normal Core
#19199 [PATCH] There should be some way to determine how many nodes are superflous in a way new enhancement normal Core
#19296 Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed assigned task normal Longterm Core
#19594 [Patch] converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned defect normal Core
#19885 memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions assigned defect normal Longterm Core
#19956 [RFC] [Patch] Double check if error still exists before executing autofix reopened defect normal Core validator
#20057 Improve handling of preference `validator.UnconnectedWays.way_way_distance` assigned enhancement normal Core validator
#20130 Use mapcss rules instead of CrossingWays java code to find overlapping areas assigned enhancement normal Core validator
#20424 Duplicate relations not detected with incomplete members assigned defect normal Core validator
#20663 [patch] Area style on outer way not flagged when different river area taggings are combined assigned defect normal Core validator
#20680 [Patch] Upload validator doesn't detect overlapping ways on updates assigned defect normal Core validator
#20716 [patch] Search for missing power line support features new enhancement normal 22.01 Core validator
#20832 Unknown turn restriction for restriction:hgv:conditional=no_left_turn new defect normal Core validator
#21153 Split Object: Overlapping areas created assigned defect normal Plugin utilsplugin2
#21333 [Patch] Extend SharpAngles test to railways new enhancement normal Core validator
#21579 two easypreset plugins in the Preferences dialog new defect normal Plugin
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