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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 11 migration assigned enhancement major Longterm Core
#2372 Add GeoTIFF support assigned enhancement normal Core
#9103 Show photo waypoints in KMZ file reopened enhancement normal Plugin opendata
#9400 validate source:maxspeed assigned enhancement normal Core validator
#12750 Ouverture fichiers Neptune new defect normal Plugin opendata
#16444 Support import of common TIGER projection without warning (add Polyconic spherical) new enhancement normal Plugin geotools
#16867 Define list of official supported plugins assigned task normal Plugin
#17047 Document how to use the checkstyle plugin provided by JOSM in Eclipse assigned task normal Core
#17083 Create jlink native runtimes assigned enhancement normal Core
#17925 Support leap seconds assigned enhancement normal Core
#17958 Doesn't reload tiles after a timeout new defect normal Plugin http2
#18726 Use {apikey} everywhere assigned enhancement normal Longterm Core imagery
#19025 Investigate MSIX packaging assigned enhancement normal Installer Windows
#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class assigned defect normal Plugin javafx
#19092 shp file download new defect normal Plugin opendata
#19192 opendata plugin disfunctional due to "counldn't load plugin geotools" when starting josm. new defect normal Plugin geotools
#19305 java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: cannot open shared object file new defect normal Plugin javafx
#19486 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Called endChange before beginChange new defect normal Plugin javafx
#19518 Reproduced 19359 in Flatpak version new defect normal Plugin javafx
#19525 Shapefile cannot be imported new defect normal Plugin geotools
#19688 prevent or discourage download of blocked data into non-blocked layer new enhancement normal Plugin cadastre-fr
#20108 citygml and gmllight, difference with gml opendata new enhancement normal Plugin opendata
#20178 Opendata plugin uses approximate transformation on shapefile in BNG projection, even if the patch in #20160 has been applied new defect normal Plugin opendata
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