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#4635 Inform about wrong turn-relations when splitting ways new turn_restriction relation split way team enhancement major
#4653 josm should delete "unconnected nodes without a tag" when solving conflicts new conflict way node team enhancement major
#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new double, changeset, duplicate, node, and, way, conflict, management, upload-api-response team defect major
#6102 Non-Connected way checks in validator needs to be projection independent new unconnected_way defect major
#8754 Check against wrong highway values in connected oneway roads denying routing new highway value oneway team enhancement major
#8968 Combining ways: Roles not adjusted when changing direction new template_report, combine, way, role, public-transport-v1 team defect major
#3495 Automatic way combining new way glomming team enhancement normal
#4282 Support for OziExplorer Waypoint files new oziexplorer waypoint gps format team enhancement normal
#5421 Please make SimplifyArea plugin to be part of the JOSM core new simplify way area team enhancement normal
#6189 Duplicate nodes in two un-closed ways new unconnected_way team enhancement normal
#6689 Ways downloaded through "Download parent ways/relations" sometimes have some nodes not loaded new download, parent, ways, nodes, appearance team defect normal
#6864 Can't "dowload along" a pure waypoints gpx file / marker layer / geotagged images layer new waypoint gpx marker download geotagged enhancement normal
#6914 Prevent combining ways where relations are not loaded new combine, way, incomplete, public-transport-v1 team enhancement normal
#7120 Check: Railway end node near other railway new unconnected_way team enhancement normal
#7336 Snapping and unglueing in Improve Way Accuracy mode new ImproveWayAccuracy snapping unglueing team enhancement normal
#9296 report missing (oneway:bicycle) for ways with (oneway=yes) and ((cycleway=opposite_lane) or (cycleway=opposite)) new cycleway opposite oneway bicycle team enhancement normal
#9297 detect nodes with unneeded railway=level_crossing new railway level crossing team enhancement normal
#9299 detect nodes with unneeded railway=crossing new railway crossing team enhancement normal
#10391 Add support for "not element of" operator (∉) new mapcss spatial operator building hangar aeroway barn team enhancement normal
#10634 add camping car service area new camping car service area highway services team enhancement normal
#10748 Move and connect way to an external node with shape retention new move way, shape retention, join team enhancement normal
#11780 Add render support for highway=cycleway + foot=designated new template_report highway cycleway foot designated team defect normal
#12109 Turn restriction onto oneway not properly checked new oneway, turn restriction team defect normal
#13472 Detect areas mapped on top of highway=* areas new building higway area team enhancement normal
#13944 ImproveWayAccuracy should allow node merging to closest one when creating it new ImproveWayAccuracy merge creation closest polygon team enhancement normal
#15107 [Patch] Check runways,aerodromes for missing tags in validator new runway aerodrome team enhancement normal
#15180 Tell user not to use oneway=-1 new oneway team enhancement normal
#15512 cycleway=lane not showing one side when,....... new dash oneway bicycle lane team defect normal
#15530 Designated direction for railway tracks new railway direction team enhancement normal
#16147 Pressurised waterway preset new waterway, pressurised, tunnel, pipeline team enhancement normal
#6423 Impossible to simplify the "shared" parts of "overlapping ways" new simplify,overlapping ways, shared nodes team enhancement minor
#9924 same geom and all tag of one way are include in the second new duplicated way team enhancement minor
#14856 multipolygon relations for waterways, do not show relation type new multipolygon relation waterway name team enhancement minor
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