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#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new double, changeset, duplicate, node, and, way, conflict, management, upload-api-response team defect major
#6102 Non-Connected way checks in validator needs to be projection independent new unconnected_way defect major
#8968 Combining ways: Roles not adjusted when changing direction new template_report, combine, way, role, public-transport-v1 team defect major
#21154 Split Object: Invalid, self-crossing closed ways created new template_report Split Object self-intersecting overlapping ways team defect major
#3495 Automatic way combining new way glomming team enhancement normal
#5421 Please make SimplifyArea plugin to be part of the JOSM core new simplify way area team enhancement normal
#5686 Combining ways while having relation editor open causes invalid link new Relation editor, combine way team defect normal
#6189 Duplicate nodes in two un-closed ways new unconnected_way team enhancement normal
#6864 Can't "download along" a pure waypoints gpx file / marker layer / geotagged images layer new waypoint gpx marker download geotagged enhancement normal
#6920 sorting error relations of participants new sort, relation, route, relation-sorting, dual-way team defect normal
#7336 Snapping and unglueing in Improve Way Accuracy mode new ImproveWayAccuracy snapping unglueing team enhancement normal
#7628 confirmation on way combine for relation turn_restriction new combine way turn_restriction team defect normal
#9296 report missing (oneway:bicycle) for ways with (oneway=yes) and ((cycleway=opposite_lane) or (cycleway=opposite)) new cycleway, opposite, oneway, bicycle team enhancement normal
#9297 detect nodes with unneeded railway=level_crossing new railway level crossing team enhancement normal
#9299 detect nodes with unneeded railway=crossing new railway crossing team enhancement normal
#9385 colour of arrows on oneway paths with bicycle=designated, foot=designated new bicycle foot oneway team defect normal
#10178 bogus "Superfluous turnrestriction as "to" way is oneway (1)" new turn restriction oneway team defect normal
#10748 Move and connect way to an external node with shape retention new move way, shape retention, join team enhancement normal
#11175 [Patch] "Ways with same position" gives errors that are not new barrier duplicate way GerdP defect normal
#11348 Crossing way check works only for "on demand" but not for "on upload" new template_report upload crossing way team defect normal
#12109 Turn restriction onto oneway not properly checked new oneway, turn restriction team defect normal
#13472 Detect areas mapped on top of highway=* areas new building higway area team enhancement normal
#13944 ImproveWayAccuracy should allow node merging to closest one when creating it new ImproveWayAccuracy merge creation closest polygon team enhancement normal
#15512 cycleway=lane not showing one side when,....... new dash, oneway, bicycle, lane, cycleway team defect normal
#15530 Designated direction for railway tracks new railway direction team enhancement normal
#15751 [PATCH] oneway=reversible|alternating for highways new oneway reversible alternating team enhancement normal
#16395 Warning/test for possible wrong lanes count reopened oneway lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#16658 Add highway=corridor, attraction=animal, man_made=water_tap new highway corridor attraction animal tourism historic citywalls team enhancement normal
#16697 reversing a way improperly changes turn:lanes:both_ways new reverse way team defect normal
#16971 support cycleway:left/cycleway:right in map style or discourage it in validator new template_report, cycleway :left :right team defect normal
#16990 Paint opposite cycleway tags new cycleway team enhancement normal
#17074 detect railway=level_crossing nodes that are not on crossing of railway=* and highway=* ways new template_report railway level crossing team enhancement normal
#17092 Warning with adjacent government offices and corporate offices new template_report overlap way team defect normal
#17140 Remove tagged nodes from way instead of refusing to delete tagged nodes in ImproveWayAccuracy mode. new ImproveWayAccuracy team enhancement normal
#17406 Complain about nodes shared by man_made=pipeline and highway=*, do not offer to merge nodes of man_made=pipeline and highway=* new template_report highway pipeline team enhancement normal
#17472 Warn about redundant cycleway tags new cycleway team enhancement normal
#17488 complain about cycleway=opposite_lane, cycleway=opposite without oneway=yes new template_report cycleway team enhancement normal
#17511 Incorrect validation warning: turn restriction for oneway=yes with oneway:bicycle=no new Validator, oneway, turn restriction bicycle team defect normal
#17533 Check waterway flow direction reopened waterway direction team enhancement normal
#17770 deprecate service=irrigation/transportation/water_power? new usage service waterway irrigation team enhancement normal
#17898 better protection of relation member order new split way relation order download team enhancement normal
#17899 relation editor: oneway direction with route=bicycle and oneway:bicycle new template_report relation editor oneway bicycle connectivity team defect normal
#17958 Doesn't reload tiles after a timeout new timeout goaway Don-vip defect normal
#18202 warn about highways wrongly connected to "crossing but not connected" highways (tunnels, bridges) new template_report highway tunnel bridge layer team enhancement normal
#18841 Reverse Ways: Option to remember choice for action new template_report reverse way action remember team enhancement normal
#18854 Validation for stream and river direction new mapcss waterway stream river direction team enhancement normal
#18942 add railway=stop new railway stop team enhancement normal
#18988 Split way: no warning about *:direction=forward/backward/both on split node new template_report split way node direction team defect normal
#18989 Some more warnings for direction and railway new template_report direction railway signal team enhancement normal
#19217 Split way: Wrong position of new member under special conditions of route relation new template_report split way route relation order team defect normal
#19288 Split way: Wrong position of new member with duplicate members used in different directions new template_report split way route relation order duplicate member team defect normal
#19394 Combine way: Instead of denying, offer help working outside downloaded area new template_report combine way dowload area team enhancement normal
#19498 Combine way: Never ofter "oneway=-1" new combine way oneway team enhancement normal
#19677 [Patch] Unnecessary tagging: cycleway:surface + surface + highway=cycleway new surface cycleway footway team enhancement normal
#19748 Risky autofix: Incorrect roundabout (highway: primary instead of {trunk/motorway}) new template_report roundabout trunk motorway team defect normal
#19826 [PATCH] Fix cycleway rendering in combination with oneway:bicycle=no and for cycleway:both new cycleway paint style team enhancement normal
#19863 vadilation: false positive, * without railway new railway abandoned team enhancement normal
#19910 Add support for cycleway:both new cycleway team enhancement normal
#19977 Create new validator for aeroway=runway new aerialway area team enhancement normal
#19982 tram_crossing and tram_level_crossing new railway tram crossing team enhancement normal
#19988 Replace Geometry: Does not warn if way direction is changed with tags depending on the direction new template_report replace geometry way direction team defect normal
#20052 Unglue Ways: Add some indication about which way won't be modified. new template_report unglue way highlight team enhancement normal
#20081 Does not find unconnected, new waterways outside downloaded area new template_report waterway end node new team defect normal
#20102 [WIP Patch] Add area:highway new template_report area:highway team enhancement normal
#20103 Warn about short ways new template_report short way length team enhancement normal
#20791 Add `highway=busway` preset new busway brt bus transit team enhancement normal
#20826 Option to allow conflating of node with (multiple) parent way new template_report node multiple parent way Tyndare enhancement normal
#20883 Unglue Ways: Wrong order of checks raising confimation dialog without following action new template_report unglue way warning team enhancement normal
#20884 Unglue Ways: Description in notification and actual selection after action differ new template_report unglue ways nodes selection team defect normal
#20916 The SimilarNamedWays test reports false positive on Arabic street names new SimilarNamedWays Arabic i18n team defect normal
#20966 ReplaceGeometry on tagged nodes new replace geometry way node tag team enhancement normal
#21092 public_transport=platform not showing proper icon in the relation window but ONLY for ways and polygons new public_transport highway platform icon way team enhancement normal
#21153 Split Object: Overlapping areas created assigned Split Object overlapping ways relations GerdP defect normal
#21155 Split Object: Always use the selected unclosed way as split way new Split Object way node neighbors team enhancement normal
#21163 Validating an object (way with conditionals) fails new template_report conditional highway lanes team defect normal
#21235 [PATCH] Stop whitelisting footway=*, and add footway=separate to blacklist candidates for sidewalk=* new footway sidewalk team enhancement normal
#21263 Railway signals: Common non-country-specific presets new railway signal team enhancement normal
#21333 [Patch] Extend SharpAngles test to railways new template_report railway sharpangles GerdP enhancement normal
#21341 Access restriction node without object new access highway node team enhancement normal
#21396 Add/ignore popular tags: man_made=courtyard, maxweight:signed, natural=crevasse, oneway:moped, opening_hours:signed, operator:type=public, plant:method=photovoltaic, railway:radio new courtyard maxweight signed crevasse oneway moped opening_hours operator public plant method photovoltaic railway radio gsm military trench turnlanes turns team enhancement normal
#21518 Paint expressway=yes (similar to motorroad=yes) new expressway team enhancement normal
#21594 don't ask about relation membership handling when combining 2 ways which are part of the same multipolygon new relation, multipolygon, combine way team defect normal
#21712 Report overlap between building=* and highway=pedestrian areas new template_report overlap building highway area team enhancement normal
#21739 Barrier=gate not possible to be tag on way needinfo template_report gate object type way pl71 enhancement normal
#21801 [WIP patch] Add railway junction check for missing switches and crossings new railway switch railway_crossing crossing team enhancement normal
#21856 Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop new template_report split way route relation order member loop team defect normal
#21881 [WIP patch] Add a check for loops in directional waterways new waterway direction loop team enhancement normal
#22039 Incorrect warning: "Construction without building, highway or landuse" for railway=construction + construction=* new template_report construction railway team defect normal
#6423 Impossible to simplify the "shared" parts of "overlapping ways" new simplify,overlapping ways, shared nodes team enhancement minor
#9924 same geom and all tag of one way are include in the second new duplicated way team enhancement minor
#12493 [PATCH] Categorize 'Way end node near other highway' warnings. new way end node group team enhancement minor
#18270 Special rendering for highway=construction construction=footway/path/cycleway/steps new template_report highway construction team enhancement minor
#18479 Consider making highway=track color-adaptive based on aerials or add halo new template_report highway track team defect minor
#18727 viewport_following + improveWay_working_mode = "alignments be done ! " new viewport_following + improveWay_working_mode team enhancement minor
#20248 Warn of stiles on bridleway (or path with designated bicycle/horse) new stile bridleway access team enhancement minor
#21778 Validation error: oneway + oneway:conditional + bicycle:backwards:conditional new template_report dismount oneway conditional team defect minor
#21979 Validator for crossing highway/waterway doesn't activate if the highway isn't edited. needinfo crossing way SherbetS defect minor
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