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#6182 add an option not to show all existing values in the 'change value dialog' new 'change value?' dialogue, value auto completion team enhancement normal
#9900 Add `Paste Tags` action to popup items in `Tags/Memberships` toggledialog new Paste Keys Values team enhancement normal
#10226 Verify multiple equal values new mapcss multiple values repetition team enhancement normal
#16974 Addressing dialog improvement new annotation,address,dialog,default,values team enhancement normal
#17620 Edit key/value modal window: warn when > 255 characters new 255 value length validator popup team enhancement normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new access value lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#19519 property value for multiselect always produce false positive with multiple values new template_report multiselect property value team defect normal
#19642 Update building and building:part values and add more categorical building presets new template_report building building:part values team enhancement normal
#20775 Change Value: Misleading, incorrect warning about changes in value when changing the key only new template_report change value overwrite team defect normal
#20809 Tags/Memberships panel: Search for "Key/Value(/Type)" with multiple tags selected new template_report tags memberships panel search key value team enhancement normal
#20861 Tagging preset: "value_template" always overwrites value without strong indication and without option to disable. new template_report tagging preset value_template team defect normal
#21249 Warn about conflicting or unneeded values in access tags new access multiple conflicting value team enhancement normal
#21907 [WIP-Patch] Update leisure values in sport presets and add one for ice_rink (Was: Remove horse_riding (facility) from preset for sport=horse_racing) new sport leisure value horse_riding horse_racing equestrian ice_rink team enhancement normal
#22001 display_value's in presets ignored when sorting value list new preset display_value sorting team defect normal
#22297 [Patch] JOSM always sorts value from multiselect when closing preset form new template_report preset multiselect sort value team defect normal
#22731 "Unkown value" does not properly handle white space new template_report unkown value delimiter white space team defect normal
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