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#6450 Incorporate Taginfo into Validator (was: validator, unknown keys and values) new taginfo dictionary validator autocompletion gsoc-candidate team enhancement major
#7725 Validation on upload does not respect previous "ignores" new validator upload ignore team defect normal
#8933 External presets / rules: Update does not work new update preset validator rules team defect normal
#9923 Problems with width of validator upload warning window new template_report upload validator width opening_hours team defect normal
#12866 Display disused:railway=* and abandoned:railway=* like railway=disused/abandoned whenever relevant new lifecycle prefix display validator team enhancement normal
#15366 override standard rules with custom validator rules to remove some tests new custom validator rules team enhancement normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new mapcss, preset, validator team enhancement normal
#17511 Incorrect validation warning: turn restriction for oneway=yes with oneway:bicycle=no new Validator, oneway, turn restriction bicycle team defect normal
#17620 Edit key/value modal window: warn when > 255 characters new 255 value length validator popup team enhancement normal
#17832 wikipedia tag false positive new validator false positive floscher defect normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new validator correct access value team enhancement normal
#18103 TypeError: Cannot read property "0" from undefined new validator typeerror opening_hours team defect normal
#18138 [PATCH] Validator rules for connectivity relations new connectivity, validator, lanes team enhancement normal
#18166 [PATCH][RFC] New mapcss function: "filter". to validate Italian housenumber tag new mapcss filter italian housenumber validator team enhancement normal
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