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#6141 extend confict message on upload and provide a button to update. (WAS: warn before upload old/outdated data) new confict update upload team enhancement critical
#17677 Large upload with multiple changesets fails silently. Failed to automatically close a full changeset. new upload team defect critical
#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new double, changeset, duplicate, node, and, way, conflict, management, upload-api-response team defect major
#6002 "Upload selection" should not check for parents new upload selection conflict parent team defect major
#7282 OsmTransferCanceledException while opening changeset or uploading changes new upload, network, api, changeset, upload-api-response error ResponseCode 500 team defect major
#14426 "what changed but not yet saved" view reopened diff change upload team enhancement major
#20566 Changed Notes don't always upload when quitting JOSM new upload when exiting team defect major
#20669 Please upgrade the GeoTools plugin to 25.0 and the JTS plugin to 1.18.1 assigned upgrade Don-vip enhancement major
#4145 Show upload progress when uploading osmChange new upload team enhancement normal
#5214 duplicate nodes after failed upload new duplicate nodes upload team defect normal
#5446 Ineffective upload when uploading by parts new upload changeset team defect normal
#5619 "update data" does not find conflicts new update conflict team defect normal
#6041 JOSM upload hangs - only nodes uploaded, no way information new Upload hangs Samuel Longiaru defect normal
#6295 no data to upload on upload, but warning on exit (to upload data) new upload warning team defect normal
#6319 More information and options on error 410 pop up (deleted object) new 401 error deleted object ResponseCode upload-api-response team enhancement normal
#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new update external preset validator rule style cache team defect normal
#9330 JOSM upload hangs on slow Internet connection new cancel upload hang slow connection team defect normal
#10032 No changes recognized if uploading with an open relation manager and closing it later new relation manager upload change team defect normal
#11176 Propose to upload notes in upload dialog reopened upload ToeBee enhancement normal
#11218 Cancel on upload + window size new template_report upload ToeBee defect normal
#11454 Cannot upload gpx track with DirectUpload plugin (JOSM behind HTTP proxy with authentication) new directupload, gpx, proxy, authentication team defect normal
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member new relation, editor, geometry, update, split team defect normal
#11982 duplicated nodes which is not used in way or relation reopened duplicated nodes group team enhancement normal
#11991 josm conflict not showing the error new http 412 upload upload-api-response ResponseCode team defect normal
#13205 Warn users when trying to upload really large changesets new changeset upload team enhancement normal
#13914 More descriptive network connection issues message new network slow offline upload-api-response team enhancement normal
#14096 Optional use of subgroups triggered by number of hits new subgroup group team enhancement normal
#15361 IAE: Comparison method violates its general contract! (SelectionListDialog.sort) new template_report upload sort selection team defect normal
#15374 problem deleting multilevel relations reopened relation upload team defect normal
#16434 Delayed line drawing/slow JOSM new performance upload team defect normal
#16553 "failed to remove primitive" after upload new template_report upload team defect normal
#16832 Add settings to control automatic refresh strategy new cache update policy team defect normal
#17217 DataIntegrityProblemException: "Deleted node referenced" after API error "Placeholder node not found for reference" new template_report error 400 upload-api-response ResponseCode team defect normal
#17620 Edit key/value modal window: warn when > 255 characters new 255 value length validator popup team enhancement normal
#17905 Store the imagery layers names used to edit data and use them in source new upload changeset source imagery team enhancement normal
#18101 Josm doesn't send the changeset comment new template_report upload changeset comment history combo team defect normal
#18278 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced new template_report upload conflict team defect normal
#18522 "Automatically obtain source from current layers" should obtain "cuzk:ruian" for various Czech layers new upload changeset source team enhancement normal
#18630 NPE at MapillaryImageDisplay.paintImage new template_report update jpietri defect normal
#18647 Ability to create layer groups new template_report group layer team enhancement normal
#18716 Upload dialog shows elements from previous upload new template_report upload team defect normal
#18813 Recategorize error, warning and info level and subgroup them new group level subgroup team enhancement normal
#18894 Merge (selection): No user information about layer state `upload=*` new template_report upload never false merge layer state team defect normal
#18904 JOSM requires 45s to start via mobile hotspot w/o mobile reception new network slow startup offline team defect normal
#19218 Relation editor: Support for roles and separate relation per direction in superroute connectivity line new template_report superroute role direction connectivity team enhancement normal
#19288 Split way: Wrong position of new member with duplicate members used in different directions new template_report split way route relation order duplicate member team defect normal
#19294 add a button to the relation editor to make it easier to create superroute relations new relation editor, copy relation, superroute team enhancement normal
#19319 [Patch] upload dialog does not update object list after first upload, (if Mapillary plugin is installed) new template_report upload dialog team defect normal
#19412 Empty error message shown new template_report error 503 upload-api-response ResponseCode team defect normal
#19430 Upload dialog: Option to deselect object from list and option to open history viewer new upload dialog deselect history team enhancement normal
#19472 Tagging preset: Column width as option for checkgroup new template_report tagging preset checkgroup column width team enhancement normal
#19630 Changeset Comment is abbreviated by Close Changeset new changeset comment upload team defect normal
#20112 Full-screen inactive pop-ups on latest Mac OS, latest JOSM beta-release 17323 needinfo template_report macosx pop-up dialog stevenjo1@… defect normal
#20141 ImageProvider: cache rendered SVG images using JCS assigned cache svg jcs performance startup simon04 enhancement normal
#20424 Duplicate relations not detected with incomplete members assigned template_report duplicate relations GerdP defect normal
#20475 JOSM froze for 5 minutes then a error/bug window opened for Mapillary plugin, then one for JOSM. new template_report, plugin update taylor.smock defect normal
#20528 Cannot copy from the welcome screen new copy startup page team defect normal
#20604 Error when selecting most recent changeset comment from dropdown menu new upload comment team defect normal
#20655 Command line option "update plugins" new template_report plugin update command line team enhancement normal
#20672 Backup rotation scheme for preferences.xml new backup rotation preferences team enhancement normal
#20738 Upload window is messed up (after Re-organization?) new template_report upload regression simon04 defect normal
#5253 Starting retry... in upload dialog remains after upload starts new upload team enhancement minor
#6231 "Update modified" not disabled even if nothing has been modified. new disable update modified status team defect minor
#7487 option to auto-save the current osm file after upload new upload save team enhancement minor
#8268 Not animated progress bar after 50k/10k changeset new 10k 50k api upload changeset progress team defect minor
#9924 same geom and all tag of one way are include in the second new duplicated way team enhancement minor
#12493 Categorize 'Way end node near other highway' warnings. new way end node group team enhancement minor
#19211 Plugin update interval: Allow to set zero to always update on startup new template_report update plugin interval team enhancement minor
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