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#7425 Plugins toolbar redefinitions new toolbar team defect normal
#8705 toolbar button should drawn as "pressed" when option swiched on new toolbar team enhancement normal
#14541 Configure toolbar, can not move Open Recent to toolbar. new toolbar menu team defect normal
#15397 Make toolbar buttons of JCheckBoxMenuItems reflect toggle state new toggle menu toolbar team enhancement normal
#19235 Toolbar: Support flexible space new toolbar flexible space team enhancement normal
#19478 Possibility to customize the toolbar more than now new toolbar,button,position,touchscreen team enhancement normal
#20232 Relation editor: Make left toolbar user configurable new template_report relation editor toolbar team enhancement normal
#20380 Toolbar buttons for easypreset-created presets are disabled until you once enter toolbar editing settings panel new toolbar preset easypreset maripogoda defect minor
#20517 shortcut added to toolbar is greyed-out on restart new template_report toolbar team defect minor
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