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#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new changeset tags team enhancement normal
#15007 Tagging preset: check and set key/value for more then one kv. new tagging preset multiple tags checkbox team enhancement normal
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor new relation editor tags window team defect normal
#18019 [Patch] Creating a multipolygon is wrongly moving highway=* to the relation assigned multipolygon create move tags GerdP enhancement normal
#18380 [RFC] Add implied tags to presets new implies, implied, tags, presets, tag, preset team enhancement normal
#18592 Tags/Memberships toggle dialog: enable opening several relation editor dialog simultaneously new template_report Tags Memberships relation editor team enhancement normal
#19090 Recently added tags: Separate number of displayed items and lenght of list new template_report recently added tags team enhancement normal
#19594 [Patch] converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned multipolygon create move tags GerdP defect normal
#20809 Tags/Memberships panel: Search for "Key/Value(/Type)" with multiple tags selected new template_report tags memberships panel search key value team enhancement normal
#21409 NewTags: Add man_made=flare new NewTags man_made=flare team enhancement normal
#22355 Some ideas to improve Tags/Membership window and "add tag"/"change tag" dialogue new improve Tags/Membership window team enhancement normal
#20834 Merge "Copy all Keys/Values" and utilsplugin2's "Copy Tags" new copy tags action team enhancement minor
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