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#8820 Tabular edit of name tags new matrix tag edit team enhancement major
#12630 IllegalStateException: Tag collection does not include the selected value new template_report conflict tag merge team defect major
#18992 Tagging Preset: No information exchange between linked presets new template_report tagging preset link team defect major
#4615 conflict manager: tags: provide buttons use all my/their tags new conflict manager tag button team enhancement normal
#6864 Can't "download along" a pure waypoints gpx file / marker layer / geotagged images layer new waypoint gpx marker download geotagged enhancement normal
#8300 Ability to add several tag/value combinations in one tag dialog new tag dialog team enhancement normal
#9679 [Incomplete Patch] Validator complains about key: *:lanes:conditional (etc.) reopened conditional lanes-tagging team defect normal
#11045 New optional parameters to "import" remote control handler for tag replacement and OSM API download new import tag replacement download team enhancement normal
#11541 Add Wikidata to presets new Wikidata, tagging team enhancement normal
#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new changeset tags team enhancement normal
#12613 Show preview image in the geotagging Plugin new photo_geotagging EXIF team enhancement normal
#12625 Propose to merge multipolygon tags into polygon tags when taking an outer polygon off the relation new multipolygon outer split merge helper tag team enhancement normal
#12716 <preset_link>: prefer target in current source, then search in defaultpresets, then search in other external presets new template_report tagging preset link team defect normal
#13651 conditional tag: False warning with complex opening_hours values in combination with AND new template_report conditional tag team defect normal
#14934 Interface improvement for `destination` tags and all other semicolon-separated list values new list tag semicolon GUI combobox team enhancement normal
#16061 GeoBretagne orthophotos assigned france geobretagne Stereo task normal
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor new relation editor tags window team defect normal
#16395 Warning/test for possible wrong lanes count reopened oneway lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#16900 Add undocumented popular tags new unknown tags team enhancement normal
#17172 [WIP PATCH] turn:lanes and lanes should match new mapcss lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#17243 Add checked validator keys/tags to Taginfo? new taginfo team enhancement normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new access value lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#18019 [Patch] Creating a multipolygon is wrongly moving highway=* to the relation assigned multipolygon create move tags GerdP enhancement normal
#18380 [RFC] Add implied tags to presets new implies, implied, tags, presets, tag, preset team enhancement normal
#18415 interpret things like change:lanes=no as 0 lanes for the validator new lanes-tagging change team enhancement normal
#18488 Lane count validation new lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#18592 Tags/Memberships toggle dialog: enable opening several relation editor dialog simultaneously new template_report Tags Memberships relation editor team enhancement normal
#18648 combine objects: tag conflict: no warning for equal values which should be summed up new template_report tag conflict sum combine object team defect normal
#18650 combine objects: tag conflict: support more keys with option to sum up values new template_report combine object tag conflict sum team enhancement normal
#18664 avoid the need to add quotes manually for copy/paste new template_report copy tag quote team enhancement normal
#18675 Join Areas: Tags and Membership from uninvolved objects copied new template_report join area tag membership team defect normal
#18897 [Patch] Tag multiple objects: StackOverflowError clicking on delete button too often new template_report tag_multiple_objects team defect normal
#18898 Add Tag: clicking on key/value combination just added in the action does not fill key text field new template_report add_tag key team defect normal
#19012 Tagging presets: Possibility to set "match" negative new template_report tagging preset match false team enhancement normal
#19023 Tagging presets preferences: Several usability issues new template_report tagging preset preferences team enhancement normal
#19090 Recently added tags: Separate number of displayed items and lenght of list new template_report recently added tags team enhancement normal
#19093 Warn about "destination" with "turn:lanes" new template_report lanes-tagging turn_lanes destination team enhancement normal
#19095 Warning about "*:lanes=*" tagging without "oneway=yes" new lanes-tagging forward backward team enhancement normal
#19190 Option to set and call variables in tagging presets and validator rules new variable tagging preset rule team enhancement normal
#19472 Tagging preset: Column width as option for checkgroup new template_report tagging preset checkgroup column width team enhancement normal
#19481 Changeset tag history new tag, history, changeset team enhancement normal
#19511 Support of complete tag in fixChange and FixRemove new template_report tag fixChange fixRemove team enhancement normal
#19554 Tagging presets: Icons for all preset input boxes new template_report tagging preset icon text combo multiselect team enhancement normal
#19594 converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned multipolygon create move tags GerdP defect normal
#19636 Question: Tag2link, is there a cache of the SPARQL queries ? new tag2link sparql team defect normal
#19647 Exclude all but ways with highway=* from test new template_report lanes-tagging performance team enhancement normal
#19649 Specify key name in Number of lanes greater than *:lanes new template_report lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#19653 Find more conflicting keys in lanes-tagging new template_report lanes-tagging conflicting keys team enhancement normal
#19754 Tag2Link : bad link for multi-values reopened template_report tag2link multiple values regression team defect normal
#19996 Warning "motor_vehicle=yes is unnecessary" for multiple highway types is incorrect; leads to deletion of valid data new unnecessary access tag team defect normal
#20047 Relation editor: Harmonize F1 function (linking to osm wiki pages) new relation editor tag shortcut team enhancement normal
#3757 audio play head jumps to start of the track new audio geotagged images sync team defect minor
#8448 Tag editor: "short cuts" for tag combinations new tag editor team enhancement minor
#10098 adding a new tag with a already existing key makes you loose your value if you do not overwrite reopened tag team enhancement minor
#18352 add tag dialog: prevent window size to be bigger than screen new template_report expert mode add tag dialog recent window size team enhancement minor
#19013 Tagging presets: Multiselect's rows too narrow new template_report tagging preset multiselect row team defect minor
#19479 Tagging preset: Cut display of "<different>" with multiple values in combination with small length="" new template_report tagging preset length multiple values team defect minor
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