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#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new double, changeset, duplicate, node, and, way, conflict, management, upload-api-response team defect major
#7282 OsmTransferCanceledException while opening changeset or uploading changes new upload, network, api, changeset, upload-api-response team defect major
#14404 Support similar/alternative words when searching for a preset new preset search alias team enhancement major
#5446 Ineffective upload when uploading by parts new upload changeset team defect normal
#5900 Presets: combo box styled element to setting the key to a fixed predefined value new preset combo key ce enhancement normal
#5930 imagery once initialized does not use new network-settings new imagery change network setting team defect normal
#6870 Increase Readability of Available Presets new presets preferences usability team enhancement normal
#6990 Preset: option to allow to enter user-defined value with multiselection (WAS: cuisine tag entry form should allow to enter any value, not only pick from list) new preset multiselect ce enhancement normal
#8177 Preset <check> to set several keys in one check new preset check team enhancement normal
#8180 More preset enhancement ideas new preset group column radio unit team enhancement normal
#8352 Color picker for presets, color viewer for tag toolbox new color preset-ui team enhancement normal
#8891 Preset: new multiselect for multiselection of same value with two separators new preset lanes multiselect team enhancement normal
#8933 External presets / rules: Update does not work new update preset validator rules team defect normal
#9190 Preset: option to fold part within preset new preset fold collaps team enhancement normal
#10056 support to include chunks from default preset in external presets new chunk external preset team enhancement normal
#10435 Improvements to user-settings for mapcss mappaint styles new style settings mapcss team enhancement normal
#11008 Several problems/enhancement of changeset manager reopened template_report changeset manager team enhancement normal
#11845 (More) nagging/warning for empty changeset comment or source new changeset, comment, source, warning team enhancement normal
#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new changeset tags team enhancement normal
#12528 Zoom offset adjustment for one imagery template new wms imagery zoom offset team enhancement normal
#12532 History for imagery offset new offset team enhancement normal
#13173 Mouse pointer target offset new hidpi windows scaling mouse cursor location offset team defect normal
#13205 Warn users when trying to upload really large changesets new changeset upload team enhancement normal
#13938 Provide faster way to edit imagery bookmark entries new offset team enhancement normal
#15051 Add help button to "Search for Objects by Preset" new search preset help focus traversal team enhancement normal
#16031 use_last_as_default="true" doesn't work as it supposed to new template_report, preset team defect normal
#17034 Add support for power=connection new power connection preset warning validation team enhancement normal
#17075 extend "new message warning" to other types of communications new changeset discussion comment notification mail team enhancement normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new mapcss, preset, validator team enhancement normal
#17905 Store the imagery layers names used to edit data and use them in source new upload changeset source imagery team enhancement normal
#17978 More user-friendly message about deleted objects after downloading a changeset new template_report changset download deleted message team enhancement normal
#18095 provide a way to easily change mappaint font size new font size settings team enhancement normal
#18101 Josm doesn't send the changeset comment new template_report upload changeset comment team defect normal
#18107 Enable copying in the Changeset Management Dialog Box new changeset copy team enhancement normal
#6157 Problems with combo + editable=false new preset read only combo team defect minor
#8268 Not animated progress bar after 50k/10k changeset new 10k 50k api upload changeset progress team defect minor
#16753 wikipedia plugin's viewport bounding box setting new wikipedia plugin bounding box setting floscher enhancement minor
#13765 [patch needs rework] adding a button to test the proxy settings new preferences, connection settings, proxy settings team enhancement trivial
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