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#8019 Sort relations by directional roles new sort route relation team defect major
#6166 Relation-Editor: sorting of routes does not work properly if both ends are dual-carriageways. new sort, relation, route, relation-sorting, dual-way connectivity team defect normal
#6920 sorting error relations of participants new sort, relation, route, relation-sorting, dual-way team defect normal
#14191 Get route segments from overlapping way or GPS trace new route, member, segment, matching, selection team enhancement normal
#14711 when sorting members of a route, look at oneway tag of ways or direction of roundabout new Relation Editor, relation-sorting, public-transport-v2, sort, route, roundabout team defect normal
#16828 Validator does not catch PT2 relations routing along highway=construction new road route Biswesh enhancement normal
#17661 Wrong warnings for route=ferry relation new template_report route ferry public transport team defect normal
#18018 split way: wrong position of new member in route relation in loops new template_report split route relation connectivity loop team defect normal
#18364 [WIP PATCH] Find routing islands new route, routing, island team enhancement normal
#19096 Warning about incorrect role "forward/backward" new template_report route relation role forward backward team enhancement normal
#19217 Split way: Wrong position of new member under special conditions of route relation new template_report split way route relation order team defect normal
#19218 Relation editor: Support for roles and separate relation per direction in superroute connectivity line new template_report superroute role direction connectivity team enhancement normal
#19288 Split way: Wrong position of new member with duplicate members used in different directions new template_report split way route relation order duplicate member team defect normal
#19294 add a button to the relation editor to make it easier to create superroute relations new relation editor, copy relation, superroute team enhancement normal
#19413 incorrect route_ref warning new template_report route_ref validator Biswesh defect normal
#19534 Find gaps in incomplete route relations with some members downloaded new template_report route relation gap team enhancement normal
#20100 UI problems with route layers new gpx route team defect normal
#18662 Route of type aerialway should contain "stop" new template_report relation route aerialway role stop team enhancement minor
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