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#3034 open relation editor by click on turn-restriction symbol new restriction symbol editor team enhancement normal
#4738 no_left_turn turn restrictions are displayed in 2 different ways. new turn restriction team enhancement normal
#7482 False warning about restart after preference changes (WAS: setting oauth) new restart team defect normal
#11316 auto completion: last entered tags not remembered after restart. new template_report auto completion restart team defect normal
#12109 Turn restriction onto oneway not properly checked new oneway, turn restriction team defect normal
#12117 JOSM Turn Restriction Enhancement Suggestion reopened turn restriction team enhancement normal
#13784 RejectedExecutionException: DownloadOsmTask (after restart) new template_report download restart executor task rejection team defect normal
#17154 Access restriction: permit new access restriction, permit team enhancement normal
#17511 Incorrect validation warning: turn restriction for oneway=yes with oneway:bicycle=no new Validator, oneway, turn restriction bicycle team defect normal
#17688 add "restore tag" to History key/value menu new history, restore tag team enhancement normal
#17811 Session is discarded when updating shortcut new template_report session restart team defect normal
#18014 Validator marks no_entry and no_exit-restrictions as an error new no_exit no_entry restriction team enhancement normal
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