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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#8085 conflict management and deleted nodes and ways new conflict resolution reference deleted object team enhancement major
#6870 Increase Readability of Available Presets new presets preferences usability team enhancement normal
#7621 DataIntegrityProblemException: 'Deleted member referenced' after adding ways to relation new DataIntegrityProblemException deleted member referenced team defect normal
#9604 Projection problem with Import Image plugin new Projections, ImportImage, CoordinateReferenceSysrem team defect normal
#9857 Address Preset doesn't keep the entry from before new template_report address prefill team defect normal
#12055 toggling draw.rawgps.lines.force does not affect drawing immediately new preferences, drawing team defect normal
#12866 Display disused:railway=* and abandoned:railway=* like railway=disused/abandoned whenever relevant new lifecycle prefix display validator team enhancement normal
#13446 Preference cleanup new preferences team enhancement normal
#13967 Direct option to save/load toolbar items new toolbar preference team enhancement normal
#14329 Reflect operations new reflect flip symmetry team enhancement normal
#16093 handling of (lifecycle) prefixes new lifecycle prefix team enhancement normal
#16110 Plugin colorscheme is broken after rework of color preferences new color preferences scheme team defect normal
#16869 Unify preferences API new hack-weekend-2018-10 preferences team enhancement normal
#17891 Add support for junction:ref=* in relation editor new junction ref relation relation-sorting team enhancement normal
#19023 Tagging presets preferences: Several usability issues new template_report tagging preset preferences team enhancement normal
#19174 Use Objects.equals and Objects.hash throughout the codebase new refactoring team enhancement normal
#19277 Class GuiSizesHelper should be refactored or removed new refactoring team enhancement normal
#19327 [Patch] Deprecate long JosmAction constructors, use setters instead assigned refactoring constructor simon04 enhancement normal
#19399 Merge BBox/Bounds/ProjectionBounds classes new refactoring team enhancement normal
#19413 incorrect route_ref warning new template_report route_ref validator Biswesh defect normal
#19535 Crash when reloading in the relation editor needinfo template_report relation editor refresh josm@… defect normal
#19576 DataIntegrityProblemException: Impossible to delete points created by CAD Tools plugin. Undo not working. needinfo template_report deleted node referenced anonymous defect normal
#19666 GPXSettingsPanel should leverage IPreferences new gpx preference refactoring team enhancement normal
#19756 Advanced preference for plugin and image paths new template_report preference plugin image path team enhancement normal
#19908 HelpBrowser: Illegal reflective access … o field javax.swing.text.html.ImageView.image new template_report java9 reflection team defect normal
#19944 Preference Dialog: Add small delay before downloading additional data new template_report preference dialog team enhancement normal
#20071 Validator Preferences: Reset java tests to default settings missing new template_report preference reset java team enhancement normal
#20097 Enhance the preference dialog new preferences team enhancement normal
#20204 [Patch] Preferences dialog inconsistent scroll pane borders new prefrences scroll border team defect normal
#20258 Window for editing imagery entry new preferences dialog team enhancement normal
#20573 [WIP Patch] Search preferences dialog assigned preferences search Bjoeni enhancement normal
#20672 Backup rotation scheme for preferences.xml new backup rotation preferences team enhancement normal
#20688 Tagging Presets Preferences: Own tab for preferences settings (check boxes) new template_report preferences tab tagging presets team enhancement normal
#20689 Validator Preferences: Own tab for settings new preferences validator team enhancement normal
#20744 Evaluate MapCSS expression without array creation reopened mapcss reflection lambda java8 simon04 enhancement normal
#7097 multi-line value editor in advanced preferences and copy-paste new preferences team enhancement minor
#13765 [patch needs rework] adding a button to test the proxy settings new preferences, connection settings, proxy settings team enhancement trivial
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