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#9297 detect nodes with unneeded railway=level_crossing new railway level crossing team enhancement normal
#9299 detect nodes with unneeded railway=crossing new railway crossing team enhancement normal
#15530 Designated direction for railway tracks new railway direction team enhancement normal
#17074 detect railway=level_crossing nodes that are not on crossing of railway=* and highway=* ways new template_report railway level crossing team enhancement normal
#18942 add railway=stop new railway stop team enhancement normal
#18989 Some more warnings for direction and railway new template_report direction railway signal team enhancement normal
#19863 vadilation: false positive, * without railway new railway abandoned team enhancement normal
#19982 tram_crossing and tram_level_crossing new railway tram crossing team enhancement normal
#21263 Railway signals: Common non-country-specific presets new railway signal team enhancement normal
#21333 [Patch] Extend SharpAngles test to railways new template_report railway sharpangles GerdP enhancement normal
#21396 Add/ignore popular tags: man_made=courtyard, maxweight:signed, natural=crevasse, oneway:moped, opening_hours:signed, operator:type=public, plant:method=photovoltaic, railway:radio new courtyard maxweight signed crevasse oneway moped opening_hours operator public plant method photovoltaic railway radio gsm military trench turnlanes turns team enhancement normal
#21801 [WIP patch] Add railway junction check for missing switches and crossings new railway switch railway_crossing crossing team enhancement normal
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