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#14404 Support similar/alternative words when searching for a preset new preset search alias i18n team enhancement major
#18992 Tagging Preset: No information exchange between linked presets new template_report tagging preset link team defect major
#5900 Presets: combo box styled element to setting the key to a fixed predefined value new preset combo key ce enhancement normal
#6157 Problems with combo + editable=false reopened preset read only combo team defect normal
#6870 Increase Readability of Available Presets new presets preferences usability team enhancement normal
#6990 Preset: option to allow to enter user-defined value with multiselection (WAS: cuisine tag entry form should allow to enter any value, not only pick from list) new preset multiselect ce enhancement normal
#8177 Preset <check> to set several keys in one check new preset check team enhancement normal
#8891 Preset: new multiselect for multiselection of same value with two separators new preset lanes multiselect team enhancement normal
#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new update external preset validator rule style cache team defect normal
#9190 Preset: option to fold part within preset new preset fold collaps team enhancement normal
#10056 support to include chunks from default preset in external presets new chunk external preset team enhancement normal
#12716 <preset_link>: prefer target in current source, then search in defaultpresets, then search in other external presets new template_report tagging preset link team defect normal
#13730 Proposal for three additional attributes for presets new preset attributes status synonyms region team enhancement normal
#13900 Presets: Add a combobox for name new template_report name preset team enhancement normal
#15700 Presets links can take too much space in properties dialog and relation manager new preset link properties relation manager team enhancement normal
#17034 Add support for power=connection new power connection preset warning validation team enhancement normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new mapcss, preset, validator team enhancement normal
#18380 [RFC] Add implied tags to presets new implies, implied, tags, presets, tag, preset team enhancement normal
#18949 [TaggingPreset] Make templates available for formatting key values, like for item names new preset, template_for_key_value, name_template team enhancement normal
#19012 Tagging presets: Possibility to set "match" negative new template_report tagging preset match false team enhancement normal
#19023 Tagging presets preferences: Several usability issues new template_report tagging preset preferences team enhancement normal
#19077 Presets: label suffix/unit at end of text input box reopened preset unit suffix label i18n team enhancement normal
#19078 Presets: validate user input (w.r.t. regexp/validator) new presets input validation regexp team enhancement normal
#19187 [TaggingPreset] Enhance <combo /> to set multiple keys per entry (or create a <combo_set /> element) new preset team enhancement normal
#19190 Option to set and call variables in tagging presets and validator rules new variable tagging preset rule team enhancement normal
#19472 Tagging preset: Column width as option for checkgroup new template_report tagging preset checkgroup column width team enhancement normal
#19554 Tagging presets: Icons for all preset input boxes new template_report tagging preset icon text combo multiselect team enhancement normal
#20044 Relation editor: Exceptions with preset links in presets new template_report relation editor preset link team defect normal
#20197 Highway=… related presets: add mayspeed:type to presets new maxspeed, preset team enhancement normal
#19013 Tagging presets: Multiselect's rows too narrow new template_report tagging preset multiselect row team defect minor
#19479 Tagging preset: Cut display of "<different>" with multiple values in combination with small length="" new template_report tagging preset length multiple values team defect minor
#20380 Toolbar buttons for easypreset-created presets are disabled until you once enter toolbar editing settings panel new toolbar preset easypreset maripogoda defect minor
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