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#21468 Add red;white preset colour value to power towers new power tower colour team enhancement normal
#21399 Check for valid secondary tags of power plant and generator new power plant generator source method output team enhancement normal
#5879 Force purge nodes with tags along way reopened power=line purge team enhancement normal
#20844 Merge multiple external power line mapping tagging presets new power mapping team enhancement normal
#20716 [PATCH][RFC] Search for missing power line support features new power line segment GerdP enhancement normal
#20421 Power preset additions for transfomer and power plant new power transformer team enhancement normal
#12243 Quick apply tags new shortcuts, power mapping team enhancement normal
#22200 Validation only: power transformer/compensator compatibility with substation new power, substation, transformer, node team enhancement normal
#21836 voltage-high and voltage-low keys replacement on power transformers new power, transformer, voltages team enhancement normal
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