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#8399 Validator could merge two ways with same position if one is an inner without tags new same position fix team enhancement normal
#15660 Relation editor: add "position/index of member" column new relation editor, table, position team enhancement normal
#17822 Change source:geometry -> source:position MapCSS rule new source geometry position team enhancement normal
#18065 Add fix for "Ways with same position" warning in Validator new same position fix team enhancement normal
#19478 Possibility to customize the toolbar more than now new toolbar position touchscreen size team enhancement normal
#21991 Remember camera position offset new position offset team enhancement normal
#21992 Smoother position correlation for automotive vehicules new position offset team enhancement normal
#22560 Keep zoom and position in image viewer when switiching between layers new template_report image layer zoom position team enhancement normal
#22659 The "Jump to position" tool does not refresh after first use needinfo jump to position URL severin.menard defect normal
#22874 Jump To Position dialog - missing/incorrect label new JumpToPosition team defect normal
#6429 Extend "Jump to Position" function to support different coordinate formats new jump position coordinates format team enhancement minor
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