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#6423 Impossible to simplify the "shared" parts of "overlapping ways" new simplify,overlapping ways, shared nodes team enhancement minor
#7788 validator should accept some kinds of way overlaps new overlap team enhancement normal
#17011 Multiple warnings for same problem new template_report overlapping crossing team enhancement normal
#19546 Warn about overlapping building:parts new overlap building parts team enhancement normal
#20054 Overlapping areas: Allow areas inside areas sharing segments new template_report overlap area inside team enhancement normal
#21712 Report overlap between building=* and highway=pedestrian areas new template_report overlap building highway area team enhancement normal
#17092 Warning with adjacent government offices and corporate offices new template_report overlap way team defect normal
#18604 Validator doesn't give warning when a natural=scrub and natural=wood areas overlap new template_report validator overlap overlapping team defect normal
#21153 Split Object: Overlapping areas created assigned Split Object overlapping ways relations GerdP defect normal
#21154 Split Object: Invalid, self-crossing closed ways created new template_report Split Object self-intersecting overlapping ways team defect major
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