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#7481 Merging does not find conflicts and breaks routing or leaves unconnected nodes new merge conflict team defect blocker
#4509 In addition to "conflicts", detect and resolve "potential map anomalies" new merge potential map anomalies team enhancement major
#12630 IllegalStateException: Tag collection does not include the selected value new template_report conflict tag merge team defect major
#14196 Conflict manager allows to create ways with only one node new template_report merge conflict team defect major
#5686 Combining ways while having relation editor open causes invalid link new Relations,broken,merge team defect normal
#7489 [patch needs rework] Undo merge and download actions new redo undo merge download command team enhancement normal
#8407 Add checkbox to 'merge selected' dialog box to remove merged objects from source layer new merge selected team enhancement normal
#10327 merge selection not working as expected new merge selection team defect normal
#11098 Merging layers: Problem with undeleted way new template_report merge layer undelete team defect normal
#12625 Propose to merge multipolygon tags into polygon tags when taking an outer polygon off the relation new multipolygon outer split merge helper tag team enhancement normal
#13944 ImproveWayAccuracy should allow node merging to closest one when creating it new ImproveWayAccuracy merge creation closest polygon team enhancement normal
#16240 Merge function is single threaded new layers, merge, multi-thread team enhancement normal
#17355 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target of type node with id 1 802 869 919" new template_report merge Upliner defect normal
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