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#21856 [PATCH] Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop reopened template_report split way route relation order member loop team defect major
#4746 conflict manager: please highlight deleted members and conflict in roles separately new conflict manager member highlight team enhancement normal
#4748 conflict manager: member dialog: possibility to apply role to all selected members new conflict manager role member team enhancement normal
#6172 Terracer: Does not check for existing associatedStreet relation and silently deletes members reopened delete member associatedStreet zerebubuth@… defect normal
#7012 Handle relation membership in "create multipolygon" new create multipolygon move memberships team enhancement normal
#7621 DataIntegrityProblemException: 'Deleted member referenced' after adding ways to relation new DataIntegrityProblemException deleted member referenced team defect normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new download incomplete relation members team defect normal
#12597 Replace memberships of one object by another new replace membership simon04 enhancement normal
#13478 IAE: Parameter 'member' must not be null when resolving relation conflict new template_report conflict relation member team defect normal
#14178 Replace geometry: Optional setting handling for membership conflicts new template_report replace geometry membership team enhancement normal
#14191 Get route segments from overlapping way or GPS trace new route, member, segment, matching, selection team enhancement normal
#18592 Tags/Memberships toggle dialog: enable opening several relation editor dialog simultaneously new template_report Tags Memberships relation editor team enhancement normal
#18675 Join Areas: Tags and Membership from uninvolved objects copied new template_report join area tag membership team defect normal
#18841 Reverse Ways: Option to remember choice for action new template_report reverse way action remember team enhancement normal
#19052 No user information if "disconnect node from way" modifies a relation new template_report disconnect node relation membership team defect normal
#19301 Paste relation: Try to find proper position in member list new template_report paste relation member order team enhancement normal
#19333 Download (incomplete) members: No message about incomplete download after connection broke while downloading new template_report incomplete download member team defect normal
#20416 Download (incomplete) members: Cancel does not work and timeouts while download relation with members works new template_report cancel download members team defect normal
#20809 Tags/Memberships panel: Search for "Key/Value(/Type)" with multiple tags selected new template_report tags memberships panel search key value team enhancement normal
#21001 Relation editor: Select previous/next gap: Ignore adjacent incomplete members new template_report relation editor select gap incomplete members team enhancement normal
#21332 Role verification: Always list parent relation in addition to members new template_report relation member role validation team enhancement normal
#21602 Role verification problem with route_marker as member of recreation route new recreation route member role route_marker team enhancement normal
#22168 Add 'man_made=quay' to ferry route connection check new ferry route member team defect normal
#22299 [Patch] Allow selection of relations in relation membership table via middle click new relation, membership table, selection team enhancement normal
#22355 Some ideas to improve Tags/Membership window and "add tag"/"change tag" dialogue new improve Tags/Membership window team enhancement normal
#22813 Relation Editor: Sort members of type=waterway according to water flow direction. new type waterway sort relation member team enhancement normal
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