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#4507 conflict manager: option to switch freeze after all members on/off. new conflict manager freeze team enhancement normal
#4615 conflict manager: tags: provide buttons use all my/their tags new conflict manager tag button team enhancement normal
#4689 conflict management: Remember width of columns in member window new conflict manager column width team enhancement normal
#4746 conflict manager: please highlight deleted members and conflict in roles separately new conflict manager member highlight team enhancement normal
#4748 conflict manager: member dialog: possibility to apply role to all selected members new conflict manager role member team enhancement normal
#5205 Support Undo in relation editor new undo relation manager team enhancement normal
#10032 No changes recognized if uploading with an open relation manager and closing it later new relation manager upload change team defect normal
#15700 Presets links can take too much space in properties dialog and relation manager new preset link properties relation manager team enhancement normal
#17851 conflict manager: automatically add child objects which are in common new conflict manager team enhancement normal
#17897 relation editor: sorting and directions with forward/backward not working properly. reopened template_report relation manager sort connectivity oneway team defect normal
#17899 relation editor: oneway direction with route=bicycle and oneway:bicycle new template_report relation manager oneway bicycle team defect normal
#17952 relation manager: adjust focus in member tab when removing selected members new template_report relation manager delete team enhancement normal
#18527 changeset manager: content information of (closed) changeset lost when updating discussion new template_report changeset manager content update team defect normal
#18700 Cached OSM data when using a tasking manager new webstart, tasking manager, download, cache team defect normal
#18985 Changeset Manager: Strange behaviour when downloading a deleted object new template_report changeset manager download deleted team defect normal
#4494 conflict manager: do not block josm totally new conflict manager team enhancement minor
#18533 changeset manager: tags tab: width of column (almost) not changeable new template_report changeset manager tags team defect minor
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