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#6518 select and edit actions performed in inactive layer. new edit select inactive layer data team defect major
#12872 Allow hierarchical layers new hierarchical layer team enhancement major
#20739 Layers not working in MapCSS styles new layer mapcss team defect major
#4350 PicLayer: Import of raster images (*.map, *.kal, *.geotiff) and calibration information (.wld, .tfw) new PicLayer, images rebsc enhancement normal
#5515 Single Key Shortcuts for activating and showing/hiding layers reopened layer shortcut jttt enhancement normal
#5987 ability to change contrast and highlight of Imagery layers new contrast highlight layer imagery GSoC Nipel-Crumple enhancement normal
#7479 Debug layer to show node movement new debug layer team enhancement normal
#8464 Grid Layer for JOSM new grid layer team enhancement normal
#9819 stricter checking for highways crossing waterways without bridges new crossing layer bridge tunnel team defect normal
#12415 [patch] temporary layer did not use use antialiasing new antialiasing layer team defect normal
#12840 Add an option to snap also in other visible layers new snap,layers team enhancement normal
#13604 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) reopened template_report layer regression gsoc-core team defect normal
#15639 JOSM not respecting layers in display new template_report, layer, rendering order team defect normal
#16240 Merge function is single threaded new layers, merge, multi-thread team enhancement normal
#17168 Toggle Next Layer Shortcut new layer team enhancement normal
#17356 GUI should announce the Edit Layer similar to the Active layer new edit layer inactive team enhancement normal
#18202 warn about highways wrongly connected to "crossing but not connected" highways (tunnels, bridges) new template_report highway tunnel bridge layer team enhancement normal
#18377 Merge (selection) into a new layer new template_report merge new layer team enhancement normal
#18461 Unresolved conflicts: Warn before or deny some data layer actions new template_report unresolved conflict data layer session merge team enhancement normal
#18564 Disabling filter only affects active layer new template_report filter layer team defect normal
#18647 Ability to create layer groups new template_report group layer team enhancement normal
#18671 Silent download to other layer new template_report download never osm file layer team defect normal
#18894 Merge (selection): No user information about layer state `upload=*` new template_report upload never false merge layer state team defect normal
#18911 Clicking on layer's opacity slider "toggles" instead of sliding new template_report layer slider opacity team defect normal
#19238 Ability to chose and display a key value tag related to an object within the map new kml; kmz; gpz; layers team enhancement normal
#19307 Make "Download to new layer" visible and choosable in confimation dialog new template_report new layer option confirmation team enhancement normal
#19308 Download as new layer not respected if new_layer=false is present new template_report download new layer team defect normal
#19414 Options to disable/hide validator test, relation editor buttons and layer new disable hide validator button layer Biswesh enhancement normal
#19809 File > Save: Not available after changing the state to/from "discourage upload" new template_report layer state save team defect normal
#20006 Merge layer: specific order of layers needed to find conflicts new template_report merge layer revert conflict team defect normal
#20251 widen the area to activate a layer in the layer window for use with the mouse new switch layer team enhancement normal
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog new template_report hidden layer relation editor Biswesh defect normal
#20752 Reorder imagery layers: Three shortcuts in preferences but non is working new template_report reorder imagery layer shortcut team defect normal
#20763 "Empty" indicator in data layer when layer contains data new layer state indicator team defect normal
#20860 trying to close a note error occurs new template_report layer team defect normal
#4132 'Shift+g' to switch from all GPS traces to just mine new gpx, gps, UI, user interface, keyboard shortcut, layer, display team enhancement minor
#5649 New command to switch between actual and previous layer new layer swicth action team enhancement minor
#13704 file rename process unexpectedly aborts new file rename layer team enhancement minor
#17986 elevation layer always created new template_report layer OliverW defect minor
#19157 Layer panel context menu: Save option not disabled with no changes new template_report save layer context menu team enhancement minor
#14730 Display a notice to the user if functionality (imagery layer display) is reduced in case of low memory allocation new memory Usability notification layer team enhancement trivial
#18797 Same layer name used multiple times new template_report data layer name session team defect trivial
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