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#9679 [Incomplete Patch] Validator complains about key: *:lanes:conditional (etc.) reopened conditional lanes-tagging team defect normal
#16395 Warning/test for possible wrong lanes count reopened oneway lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#17172 [WIP PATCH] turn:lanes and lanes should match new mapcss lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new access value lanes-tagging skyper enhancement normal
#18415 interpret things like change:lanes=no as 0 lanes for the validator new lanes-tagging change team enhancement normal
#18488 Lane count validation new lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#19093 Warn about "destination" with "turn:lanes" new template_report lanes-tagging turn_lanes destination team enhancement normal
#19095 Warning about "*:lanes=*" tagging without "oneway=yes" new lanes-tagging forward backward team enhancement normal
#19647 Exclude all but ways with highway=* from test new template_report lanes-tagging performance team enhancement normal
#19649 Specify key name in Number of lanes greater than *:lanes new template_report lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#19653 Find more conflicting keys in lanes-tagging new template_report lanes-tagging conflicting keys team enhancement normal
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