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#6997 zoom controls for the slippy map new zoom keyboard gsoc-candidate team enhancement major
#13160 Some kind of deadlock which prevents typing in textboxes new keyboard input deadlock freeze team defect major
#15856 Numerical shortcuts don't work in AZERTY new template_report keyboard layout AZERTY numeric shortcut team defect major
#5203 Key to jump to next error new key shortcut team enhancement normal
#5763 Keyboard shortcuts not saved new keyboard shortcuts team defect normal
#5900 Presets: combo box styled element to setting the key to a fixed predefined value new preset combo key ce enhancement normal
#6412 Additional hotkeys/shortcuts for navigating completion lists new autocompletion, shortcuts, hotkeys team enhancement normal
#9900 Add `Paste Tags` action to popup items in `Tags/Memberships` toggledialog new Paste Keys Values team enhancement normal
#14782 Keyboard shortcut for "zoom to" in relation editor / double click new template_report keyboard shortcut zoom_to team enhancement normal
#16732 Support Brazilian ABNT/ABNT2 keyboard layouts when reordering imagery layers new keyboard layout brazil team defect normal
#18637 Option of keyboard shortcut for "switch (background-)imagery view to next available (background-)imagery in list" reopened keyboard shortcut background imagery team enhancement normal
#18898 Add Tag: clicking on key/value combination just added in the action does not fill key text field new template_report add_tag key team defect normal
#19653 Find more conflicting keys in lanes-tagging new template_report lanes-tagging conflicting keys team enhancement normal
#20648 Unable to edit keybind for "Delete tags" new keyboard shortcuts team defect normal
#20809 Tags/Memberships panel: Search for "Key/Value(/Type)" with multiple tags selected new template_report tags memberships panel search key value team enhancement normal
#21129 Warn about missing primary key for all known relations new template_report relation primary key team enhancement normal
#22158 plugin: measurement - I miss hotkeys new hotkeys team enhancement normal
#22423 [Patch] Do not mix capital/lowerkey letter keys in Tags/Memberships window reopened sort keys Tags/memberships panel team defect normal
#23611 Support a key without `=*` in the Overpass query wizard new overpass query wizard key team enhancement normal
#4132 'Shift+g' to switch from all GPS traces to just mine new gpx, gps, UI, user interface, keyboard shortcut, layer, display team enhancement minor
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