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#3283 Improve audio markers new gsoc-candidate team enhancement major
#6997 zoom controls for the slippy map new zoom keyboard gsoc-candidate team enhancement major
#8472 Wikimedia Commons geocoded media support new wiwosm wikimedia commons media pictures geocoding gsoc-candidate simon04 enhancement major
#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly reopened sentinel gsoc-candidate sotm19 team enhancement major
#17842 Integration with OSM wiki data items new sotmfr2019 wiki data item wikidata team enhancement major
#2212 can't edit over 180th meridian new edit 180 meridian team defect normal
#3841 Validator: show meaningful tooltips new gsoc-candidate team enhancement normal
#4689 conflict management: Remember width of columns in member window new conflict manager column width team enhancement normal
#5439 Implement ability to hide selected object new hide expose object team enhancement normal
#5641 Painting error layer is very slow new performance gsoc-candidate team defect normal
#5706 [Patch needs rework] Role Verification Warnings reopened Role Verification; validator team defect normal
#6164 Warning about failed data update after upload new Vermeidung von Objektverdoppelung team enhancement normal
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements new openinghourseditor plugin enhancement boxes shortcut description dialog list drop-down holiday boman enhancement normal
#7308 Syntax highlighting in search dialog new search syntax highlighting gsoc-candidate team enhancement normal
#7815 Trouble with the size of windows when displaying an alert new gsoc-candidate team defect normal
#8464 Grid Layer for JOSM new grid layer team enhancement normal
#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new update external preset validator rule style cache team defect normal
#9819 stricter checking for highways crossing waterways without bridges new crossing layer bridge tunnel team defect normal
#9904 Add node: Linux middle mouse button paste not supported new linux add node paste mouse middle team defect normal
#9934 Hide toggle dialog header context menu item dynamic side bar buttons when disabled through preferences new dynamic sidebar toggle team enhancement normal
#10846 using the notes layer is not intuitive without the notes dialog window new gsoc-candidate ToeBee enhancement normal
#11368 Merge locally modified note comments when downloading notes new gsoc-candidate ToeBee enhancement normal
#11541 Add Wikidata to presets new Wikidata, tagging team enhancement normal
#12085 Droid fonts no longer shipped by Android upstream, switch to Noto fonts new font droid noto team enhancement normal
#12270 allow modifying note data that has not been uploaded yet new gsoc-candidate team enhancement normal
#12866 Display disused:railway=* and abandoned:railway=* like railway=disused/abandoned whenever relevant new lifecycle prefix display validator team enhancement normal
#13520 Add support for video in embedded help new video, embedded-browser team enhancement normal
#13965 Allow keyboard shortcuts for WIkipedia functions new wikidata, feature request, shortcut simon04 enhancement normal
#15366 override standard rules with custom validator rules to remove some tests new custom validator rules team enhancement normal
#15415 PT_assistant: remove warning about gap if route contains only one way new template_report validator gap darya defect normal
#15597 Wikidata Toolkit new WDTK Wikidata Toolkit simon04 enhancement normal
#16163 Right To Left support for input boxes new RTL bidirectional iman enhancement normal
#16658 Add highway=corridor, attraction=animal, man_made=water_tap new highway corridor attraction animal tourism historic citywalls team enhancement normal
#16975 Addressing dialog house number: support +2 increment for "18,20" new addressing,dialog,increment,idea team enhancement normal
#17034 Add support for power=connection new power connection preset warning validation team enhancement normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new mapcss, preset, validator team enhancement normal
#17511 Incorrect validation warning: turn restriction for oneway=yes with oneway:bicycle=no new Validator, oneway, turn restriction bicycle team defect normal
#17620 Edit key/value modal window: warn when > 255 characters new 255 value length validator popup team enhancement normal
#17705 "IAE: The site ID is not given in the expected format!" when try get wikidata tag from existing wikipedia tag new template_report wikidata floscher defect normal
#17832 wikipedia tag false positive new validator false positive floscher defect normal
#18042 complain where wikipedia tag is used instead of correct brand:wikipedia (or wikidata instead of brand:wikidata) new template_report brand wikipedia wikidata team enhancement normal
#18202 warn about highways wrongly connected to "crossing but not connected" highways (tunnels, bridges) new template_report highway tunnel bridge layer team enhancement normal
#18309 mapcss find one or more nodes next to current one new mapcss validator team enhancement normal
#18376 HiDPI font problems with 3840x2160 screen (Linux) needinfo template_report hidpi linux helge.hafting@… defect normal
#18457 Default snap distance is too small on modern monitors new hidpi snap team enhancement normal
#18541 Obtain tagging descriptions from OpenStreetMap Wiki item new wikidata wiki team enhancement normal
#18604 Validator doesn't give warning when a natural=scrub and natural=wood areas overlap new template_report validator overlap overlapping team defect normal
#18733 Add support for PROJ datum grid CDN new projection grid geotiff team enhancement normal
#18848 Provide a way to override overzoom new template_report macOS hidpi tile zoom team enhancement normal
#18911 Clicking on layer's opacity slider "toggles" instead of sliding new template_report layer slider opacity team defect normal
#18970 Way.hasIncompleteNodes() should remember the result new validator mapcss performance team enhancement normal
#19078 Presets: validate user input (w.r.t. regexp/validator) new presets input validation regexp team enhancement normal
#19413 incorrect route_ref warning new template_report route_ref validator Biswesh defect normal
#19414 Options to disable/hide validator test, relation editor buttons and layer new disable hide validator button layer Biswesh enhancement normal
#19472 Tagging preset: Column width as option for checkgroup new template_report tagging preset checkgroup column width team enhancement normal
#19474 pt_assistant crashes when using validator on certain bus routes new validation crash Biswesh defect normal
#19504 Better documentation of mapcss validator rules syntax new mapcss validator rules team enhancement normal
#19615 add mofa/moped=use_sidepath to access preset new template_report access use_sidepath mofa moped team enhancement normal
#19616 Better handling of zero-width space (\u200b) in URL new validator, url team enhancement normal
#19648 MapCSS Rule validation: Warn about unknown class. new template_report rule validation mapcss class team enhancement normal
#19703 HiDPI issues (Windows) new template_report hidpi team defect normal
#19818 Editor in Preferences did not scale on Ubuntu 20.04 with HiDPI new template_report hidpi team defect normal
#20035 Geotagged images are pixelated on retina display [patch] new hidpi linux team defect normal
#20054 Overlapping areas: Allow areas inside areas sharing segments new template_report overlap area inside team enhancement normal
#20127 Fonts size too small for dialog boxes and the map new template_report hidpi team defect normal
#20242 Validator: False positive for last stop does not match last way with roundtrip new template_report validator roundtrip last stop Biswesh defect normal
#20256 False positives of some validator rules caused by incomplete data new template_report validator download area incomplete Biswesh defect normal
#20366 JOSM rendering is very slow especially on UHD displays new performance hidpi team enhancement normal
#20376 [Patch] New - Adding validation information to MapStatus – middle-mouse click feature information viewer assigned validation information viewer GerdP enhancement normal
#20383 Shorten middle mouse button displayed context new template_report middle mouse button team enhancement normal
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog new template_report hidden layer relation editor Biswesh defect normal
#20461 maximize the before-upload validator windows new validator team enhancement normal
#5194 Add/edit multiple point/objects/POI in a table/grid. new multiple POI table grid import team enhancement minor
#9920 make plus sign between two nodes of a line changeable with macss mappaint style new mapcss midpoint team enhancement minor
#19503 Rules validation throws exception instead or warning new template_report rules validator mapcss team defect minor
#20248 Warn of stiles on bridleway (or path with designated bicycle/horse) new stile bridleway access team enhancement minor
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