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#10537 Imagery menu hangs when an external layer icon cannot be loaded new menu icon team defect normal
#11189 Geotagged images taken out on surveys taken close together do not show seperately in JOSM new template_report, images, icons team defect normal
#11398 Install windows version for all windows users new windows install start menu users icon team defect normal
#12124 area icons new area icon style image-pattern team enhancement normal
#16409 Not rendering some office=* types new office icon team enhancement normal
#18672 icon for amenity=social_facility new template_report node icon social_facility team enhancement normal
#18673 Selection toggle dialog: Harmonize display of icons for "fixme" and "note" new template_report selection toggle dialog fixme note icon team enhancement normal
#18866 Transform Potlatch2 mappaint style icons to SVG new svg icon potlatch2 Stereo enhancement normal
#19554 Tagging presets: Icons for all preset input boxes new template_report tagging preset icon text combo multiselect team enhancement normal
#19623 Tag2Link: show favicons for URLs? (opt-in) new icons favicons team enhancement normal
#16968 Emojis with color in texts/menus new emoji font icon team enhancement minor
#18562 command stack toggle dialog: conflation delete icon not properly scaled new template_report comman stack delete icon Tyndare defect minor
#18574 Distinguish icons of boundaries new boundary icon team enhancement minor
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