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#8645 Migrate translation to reopened i18n hack-weekend-2018-10 transifex team enhancement normal
#8657 Startup message regarding translation help is confusing new i18n team defect normal
#11392 Styles, rules and presets translation new i18n stoecker enhancement normal
#12179 maps ( needs a context field to guide translation new i18n team enhancement normal
#12251 Localized names of mappaint styles are not updated when changing the language new template_report i18n team defect normal
#13369 [PATCH] tag2link strings are not translated new template_report i18n Don-vip defect normal
#15094 Windows>Tags>right-click menu consistency & simplicity new i18n team enhancement normal
#15918 Confusing English texts new i18n english Hb--- enhancement normal
#16360 I18n script creates data for transifex directories new i18n transifex team defect normal
#16764 Tamil font not displaying in Tags /membership new template_report i18n india tamil webstart mahir78@… defect normal
#17419 Separate Label Strings for Mode Buttons new i18n english mode team enhancement normal
#17451 Please Clear Translation Canadian new i18n launchpad team task normal
#17314 Change "Join Node to Way" to "Join Way with Node" new i18n english team enhancement minor
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