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#10634 add camping car service area new camping car service area highway services team enhancement normal
#16658 highway=corridor, attraction=animal, historic=citywalls, land_area=administrative, man_made=water_tap new highway corridor attraction animal tourism historic citywalls team enhancement normal
#17406 Complain about nodes shared by man_made=pipeline and highway=*, do not offer to merge nodes of man_made=pipeline and highway=* new template_report highway pipeline team enhancement normal
#17808 Extension of the key traffic_signals new highway;traffic_signals team enhancement normal
#17914 Unconnected highways test does not work if highway are connected with another node new template_report unconnected highway team defect normal
#18202 warn about highways wrongly connected to "crossing but not connected" highways (tunnels, bridges) new template_report highway tunnel bridge layer team enhancement normal
#18217 Complain about area=yes on major roads (like highway=primary area=yes) new template_report area highway team enhancement normal
#18698 Request: Add (motor_)vehicle combo to highway=path preset new highway path motor vehicle access team enhancement normal
#18270 Special rendering for highway=construction construction=footway/path/cycleway/steps new template_report highway construction team enhancement minor
#18479 Consider making highway=track color-adaptive based on aerials or add halo new template_report highway track team defect minor
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