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#15229 modular structure for JOSM core new modularization hack-weekend-2018-10 team enhancement major
#16860 Resolve all dependencies and tools using Apache Ivy reopened hack-weekend-2018-10 team enhancement major
#6887 GitHub out of date reopened github mirror hack-weekend-2018-10 team defect normal
#8645 Migrate translation to reopened i18n hack-weekend-2018-10 transifex team enhancement normal
#16857 Set up gitlab new hack-weekend-2018-10 git gitlab team enhancement normal
#16858 Move jmapviewer to a separate repository new hack-weekend-2018-10 maven ivy dependency team enhancement normal
#16859 Tagging nice GSOC tickets new hack-weekend-2018-10 gsoc team task normal
#16867 Define list of official supported plugins assigned hack-weekend-2018-10 Don-vip task normal
#16868 Move svgSalamander out of JOSM new hack-weekend-2018-10 maven ivy dependency svg svgsalamander team enhancement normal
#16869 Unify preferences API new hack-weekend-2018-10 preferences team enhancement normal
#16870 JOSM versioning new hack-weekend-2018-10 team enhancement normal
#16871 Infrastructure migration new hack-weekend-2018-10 team task normal
#16872 Serialize imagery preferences to string containg XML conformant to maps.xsd assigned hack-weekend-2018-10 wiktorn enhancement normal
#16944 svn -> git migration script new hack-weekend-2018-10 svn git migration script team enhancement normal
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